Karachi Crisis: Sui Gas Company has started selling LPG cylinders?

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The gas crisis has intensified in Karachi, Pakistan’s largest city and commercial hub, and protests against prolonged gas load shedding and low pressure have become commonplace in many parts of the city.

While people are looking for alternative sources of gas to light their stoves, Sui Southern Gas Company has started selling LPG cylinders to domestic consumers through one of its subsidiaries.

Nora Baloch is also one of the residents of Karachi who are affected by the gas crisis and complain to the government.

Noora Baloch, a resident of Singolin in Lyari and a mother of four, told The Independent Urdu: Gas load shedding has been going on for months already.

He further added: “Gas has not been available in Lyari for the last five months. Gas comes in from 12 o’clock at night to 6 o’clock in the morning, but its pressure is also lower. The people of Lyari stay up at night and cook the next day’s food.

Nora Baloch said that they could not buy LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) as a substitute for gas, so they were forced to buy firewood to light the stove. However, he said that due to non-availability of gas, while LPG cylinders have become more expensive, the price of wood has also gone up. “Wood sellers give wet wood for weight gain, which is a different punishment.”

Zahid Barakzai, leader of Lyari Awami Front, a social organization that has been protesting against gas load shedding in Lyari for the past several months, told Independent Urdu that after prolonged gas load shedding, people are forced to buy LPG cylinders at exorbitant prices. In just three days, the price of LPG has gone up from Rs 210 per kg to Rs 220. There are only four people in my house, but I have bought LPG for Rs. 1800 in one month.

He further said that gas load shedding has been going on not only in winter but also in Lyari for the last several months. Gas only comes at night from 12 o’clock to 6 o’clock in the morning, which also lowers the pressure.

Domestic consumers in several areas including Lyari, Kemari, Nazimabad, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Orangi and Korangi are also facing gas load shedding and low pressure.

According to domestic consumers, gas in Federal B Area, Buffer Zone, Sher Shah, comes from 12 midnight to 6 am and its pressure is also low. Consumers even face gas load shedding and low pressure in the city’s busiest area of ​​Defense.

Aftab Siddiqui, a member of the National Assembly from the ruling Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) elected from NA-247 constituency in Karachi, has written a letter to Federal Minister Hamad Azhar on gas shortage, saying that people in his constituency are deprived of basic human rights. ۔

Aftab Siddiqui wrote in his letter that apart from reduction in gas supply in his constituency, low gas pressure is also low and there is continuous leakage of gas from the pipeline, which is a danger to the residents.

He added that Sui Southern Gas Company had promised to repair the pipeline but the old and rusty pipelines had not been replaced.

Aftab Siddiqui wrote in a letter to Hamad Azhar: ‘My constituency consists of the oldest and most prominent business centers of the country including Saddar, Kharadar, Jodia Bazaar and Garden. I am sending but I have not received any reply from you. You are respectable to me but your attitude is unfortunate and if this continues then Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) will have to suffer huge losses in the local body elections as seen in the recent local body elections in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Following the severe shortage of gas in Karachi, where LPG cylinders and timber are being used as fuel, many low-income areas, including Jahanabad, Machhar Colony and Ibrahim Haideri areas of Shershah, have started burning dung. There is a growing tendency to use.

Haji Amanullah, a resident of Jahanabad, told The Independent Urdu that most of the people living in his area could not afford gas, LPG or firewood, so they used dung piles as fuel. According to Haji Amanullah: “After the load shedding of gas in the city, the use of apples has increased immensely and their price has also increased. A few days ago, a sack of apples cost Rs 50, which has gone up to Rs 120 due to shortage of gas and low pressure.

Federal Ministry of Energy apologizes to Karachi consumers

On the other hand, Pakistan’s Federal Ministry of Energy has apologized to consumers for gas load shedding in Karachi. On its official Twitter account, the ministry said: “Every winter, Sui Gas companies supply gas to priority sectors (including domestic consumers) by load shedding in a few industrial sectors. This year, the Sindh High Court has issued a restraining order to Sui Gas Company on load shedding of industrial consumers, due to which Karachi is facing difficulties in supplying gas. We apologize to the consumers for this inconvenience and will present our position in full at the next date in the esteemed Supreme Court.

Residents of Karachi say that after gas load shedding, most people cannot bake bread at home, so they are forced to take bread from the oven, while due to shortage of gas, even those who have oven use wood as fuel. They have also increased the price of bread.

Salman Ahmed, a consumer of Saddar Town, accused Sui Southern Gas Company of deliberately carrying out gas load shedding. According to him: “Recently, Sui Southern Gas Company has started selling LPG cylinders to domestic consumers, with huge advertisements in its newspapers. The price of LPG cylinders has been kept high and the gas is being deliberately shut off to increase the sales of the cylinders.

It should be noted that Sui Southern Gas Company is advertising on its official Twitter account to the citizens of Karachi to buy the company’s cylinders. For this purpose, the website of has also been created. The price was 1572, which increased to 2000 in December.

However, citizens will have to deposit thousands of rupees to buy cylinders from SSGC. According to the company, an advance of Rs 5,000 has to be paid for an 11.8 kg LPG cylinder, as the company does not fill gas in the cylinders of any company other than its own.

When contacted in this regard, a spokesperson of Sui Southern Gas Company, on condition of anonymity, confirmed that Independent Urdu was selling LPG cylinders to domestic consumers in Karachi.

He said: ‘The LPG cylinder is not being sold by Sui Southern Company but by a subsidiary SSGCLPG. The company had requested Sui Southern to allow them to sell LPG cylinders. Because they are selling scientifically safe cylinders, we have allowed them to use our company name.

He denied allegations of deliberate gas load shedding for the sale of cylinders, saying there were other reasons for the gas shortage and low pressure.

Gas compressor responsible for gas shortage in Karachi

A spokesperson of SSGC said that at present the demand for gas in Karachi city is 1225 MMCFD, which is being met by SSGC. There is only a shortfall of 220 MMCFD.

According to the spokesperson: ‘SSGC has zero load shedding for domestic consumers in Karachi, but with the increase in demand for gas, people are increasingly using gas compressors or suction pumps in many areas. The gas does not come in completely or there is low pressure.

“A gas compressor is an electrical device that consumers insert into a gas pipe, which draws in gas,” he explained. As a result, the house with gas compressor starts getting full gas, but other connections of this pipeline are not supplied with gas and people think that there is load shedding of gas in their area.

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The price of a gas compressor used to be Rs. 800 to Rs. 1000, but now it has gone up to Rs.

According to the spokesman: “The gas compressor is extremely dangerous, which fills the houses with gas at night and can kill the families by suffocation. There could also be incidents such as house fires and explosions.

In Karachi alone, there have been four explosions in the last one month due to a gas compressor. Fragments of a gas compressor were found after the blasts.

According to the spokesperson, the use of gas compressors or suction pumps to increase gas pressure is illegal and extremely dangerous and domestic users using these pumps should be fined one lakh and imprisoned for six months under the Gas Theft Control and Recovery Act. Will

On the other hand, the All Pakistan CNG Association has started a sit-in outside the company’s office in Karachi on Wednesday against the suspension of gas supply to CNG stations by Sui Southern Gas Company.

All Pakistan CNG Association Sindh Zone Coordinator Sameer Najmal Hussain told The Independent Urdu: Southern Gas Company has deceived the CNG sector and millions of consumers, which is costing billions of rupees in investment of CNG stations and consumers.

He announced that the protest would continue indefinitely.


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