Health Tips, Follow These Tips To Get Rid Of Cold Fingers In Winter And Winter Hacks

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Winter Hacks: Winters have started and in such a season many people have these problems that their fingers swell. Hands and feet are always cold. At the same time, there is such a situation that if you are wearing a ring, then it also starts getting stuck in the fingers. This happens with the fingers of both hands and feet. But in such a situation, we will tell you about some such tips, using which your fingers will not be too cold. Let’s know.

Mustard oil and garlic- The easiest hack that will save your hands, feet and fingers from getting cold is mustard oil. Heat it and put garlic cloves in it. Keep in mind that when the oil is lukewarm, add garlic to it but garlic should not be fried. Now rub this oil on your hands and feet. This will relieve the discomfort of your fingers as well as give you relief from swelling and pain.

Wear pre-heated gloves Heat the gloves in advance, that is, keep them inside the blanket or keep them in a drawer where the cold does not reach. You must be feeling how small this is, but believe me it can prove to be very helpful. By doing this your fingers will get instant warmth.

Use of lukewarm water or tea They can be used not only for drinking but also for warming the fingers. For this, stand for a while with a cup of hot water or tea in between your hands. By doing this the fingers of your hands will become warm.

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