The Syrian “Astana” tour ends without progress

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Lavrov warns the Kurds and accuses the Americans of controlling the oil fields

Yesterday, the parties to the Syrian “Astana track” concluded their 17th round of negotiations in the Kazakh capital, Nur-Sultan.

While its final statement did not reflect any progress on the issues under discussion, it seemed that Turkey and Iran; Both sides of this path, along with Russia, came out satisfied; The final version of the statement included the points they demand.

It was clear that the three parties had failed to promote understandings on the contentious issues that arose before the convening of the round. Including the situation around Idlib (northwestern Syria), the priorities for political action in the next stage, as well as the “confidence-building” file that focused on trying to achieve progress on the issue of detainees after a long stumble in the previous rounds.

The final statement was drafted with the aim of satisfying the various parties, such as the clause that talked about condemning the Israeli raids in Syria, according to an Iranian demand, and the clause that stressed the rejection of the separatist tendencies (of the Kurds) and attempts to encourage them by the United States, which Turkey and Russia traditionally insist on.

In the meantime; The Russian Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov, directed new criticisms against Washington, and said in a television interview, broadcast yesterday, that “the real goals of the United States’ presence in Syria are clear and the Americans did not hide them; They took control of the hydrocarbons, oil fields, and agricultural lands in the east of the Euphrates, and they began to encourage Kurdish separatism there by all means.”

The Russian minister called on the Kurds to strengthen the course of negotiations with Damascus, but warned them that “it must be realized that the Americans will eventually withdraw.”


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