Zerodha Demat Account Review in Hindi Zerodha Demat Account

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Zerodha Equity Charges :- Zerodha charges Rs 0 (no brokerage) for equity delivery trades. For intraday trading, they charge flat Rs 20 per executed order or 0.03% on either side (whichever is lower).

Zerodha Demat Account Commodity Charges

Zerodha commodity Brokerage :- Zerodha commodity brokerage charge is flat Rs 20 or 0.03% (whichever is lower) per executed order. Along with this, customers have to pay taxes like STT, transaction fee, GST, SEBI charge and stamp duty.

Charge Type Commodity Futures Commodity Options
brokerage Flat Rs 20 or 0.03% (whichever is lower) Flat Rs 20 or 0.03% (whichever is lower)
Securities Transaction Tax (STT) 0.01% on sell side (Non-Agri) 0.05% on sell side
Transaction / Turnover Charges Group A: Exchange txn charge: 0.0026%
Group B: Exchange txn charge: Pepper – 0.00005%, Castorseed – 0.0005%, Rbdpmolein – 0.001%
Rs 0
Goods and Services Tax (GST) 18% on (Brokerage + Transaction Charge) 18% on (Brokerage + Transaction Charge)
SEBI Charges 0.0001% (Rs 10/Crore) 0.0001% (Rs 10/Crore)
Stamp Charges 0.002% (Rs 200 per crore) on buy-side 0.003% (Rs 300 per crore) on buy-side

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Zerodha Demat Account Fee Structure

  • Securities Transaction Tax (STT): This is levied on the sell side only for intraday and F&O trades. It is charged on both sides for delivery trades in equities.
  • Transaction Fee (Exchange Turnover Fee): This is a fee charged by stock exchanges for using their trading platforms.
  • Goods and Services Tax (GST): It is levied 18% of the total cost of brokerage plus transaction fee.
  • SEBI Fee: It is charged at Rs 10 per crore.
    Stamp Duty: EQ Delivery – 0.015% (Buy Side), EQ Intraday – 0.03% (Buy Side)

Zerodha Demat Account Hidden Charges

  • Call and Trade ₹50 per order.
  • ₹50 per order, positions for MIS/BO/CO orders that have not been squared off by the customer.
  • Physical copy of contract note ₹ 20 per copy. Courier charges are additional.
  • DP Charges for Delivery Based Equity Sale: Rs 13.5 + GST ​​per order.

Documents Required for Zerodha Demat Account

  • PAN Card
  • Aadhar Card
  • Canceled Check or Bank Statement
  • Scanned Photograph
  • Scanned copy of your Signature
  • Income Proof (any one) Income Proof (any one)
    • Form 16
    • IT Acknowledgment copy
    • Bank statement for the last 6 months
    • Latest Salary Slip
    • Demat Holding Statement
    • CA acknowledgment of your worth

How to Open Zerodha Demat Account Online

How to open Zerodha account online :- Follow the steps given below to open an account in Zerodha

  • Step 1: Zerodha Go to account opening page
  • Step 2: Enter mobile number Get OTP on your mobile to verify mobile number
  • Step 3: In the next screen, enter your full name and email address
  • Step 4: Enter personal details like PAN number, date of birth, gender etc.
  • Step 5: Pay the Account Opening Fee Through Net Banking or Debit/Credit Card
  • Step 6: Link your Aadhaar with DigiLocker. If you don’t have Digilocker account, create it and link it with Aadhar number (don’t worry, it is very easy to create Digilocker account)
  • Step 7: Provide your primary bank details like account number and IFSC code etc.
  • Step 8: Provide your basic personal information like father’s name, mother’s name and marital status etc.
  • Step 9: Complete “In Person Verification (IPV)” on phone/webcam
  • Step 10: Upload scanned copy of supporting documents like canceled cheque, signature copy, photograph etc.
  • Step 11: E-sign the account opening form through Aadhaar (using the OTP received)
  • Step 12: After this step, Client-ID and Password will be sent to you via email

Open Account  :- Click Here

what is intraday trading how to do intraday trading

How to trade in Zerodha Demat Account? Zerodha Demat Account Review

Anyone who has never done online trading can also buy and sell shares of any top companies with very easy from here.

Watchlist Create करे :- so first you Zerodha Login to the App and create a watchlist of your favorite stocks, for this you get the option of Watchlist at the top, many companies can be added to the Watchlist at once. It is also very easy to create it, as soon as you go to the menu, you will get the option of Create new watchlist, go to it and create your watchlist.

Add Fund :- You need fund to buy stock, for which you have to add fund, after clicking on add fund, enter the amount you want to add and then add money to Upstox account using the given payment method
Buy Stocks Buy Stocks :- To buy shares or stocks of a company, you have to go to the Portfolio and click on the Buy button given there so that the stocks can be bought.

Sell Stocks :- If you think that this is the best time to sell the shares of a company. So you go from Portfolio to Square off option, here the option to sell is given from where you can sell stocks.

Withdraw Funds :- When you sell stocks of a company from your account, then you get 80% of the money that is made in your account immediately. The remaining 20% ​​is available after a day Zerodha Demat Account Review

If you want to withdraw the amount, then you have to wait for 2 days for this, go to Withdraw Fund! This amount gets credited to your Savings Account in 24 to 48 hours.

Advantages and disadvantages of Zerodha

Pros of Zerodha Demat Account

  • 0 brokerage on delivery transaction.
  • Maximum brokerage of ₹20 on intraday trading.
  • Sophisticated trading platforms.
  • Easy to use for new investors.
  • No minimum balance requirement.
  • Facility to hold mutual funds in demat account through Zerodha coin.
  • Facility to place IPO through UPI.
  • Zerodha 3+1 account available with IDFC Bank.
  • Possible to extract all trading reports in Zerodha console.
  • User friendly interface.

Disadvantages of Zerodha Demat Account

Zerodha with its out-of-the-box ideas and digitally sound team of technocrats has risen to the top spot in the Indian equity and derivatives trading industry.

Nevertheless, there are still some issues with the company that you may not like:-

They are completely a technology based firm with no physical presence. This may seem troublesome for those traders who still like to trade in the old fashioned way.
They do not provide any kind of research and consultation.

No live customer chat facility.

Zerodha How is the customer support? Zerodha Demat Account Review

Being a discount broker, there is definitely some problem in online support. Online chat facility is not available in this. But you can contact them on these numbers –

New account opening


Zerodha Demat Account Review FAQs

Question – What ZerodhaIs it safe to trade?
Answer – you definitely Zerodhaas your stockbroker, and they are completely safe. They are regulated by SEBI and are genuine in every way, looking after the needs of their clients efficiently. You can choose them as your stockbroker and a few stock market investments.

Question – What is the brokerage of Zerodha?
Answer – ZerodhaLtd. has a policy of charging uniform brokerage rate for all its clients and all segments. The rate is Rs 20 per order for all segments except equity delivery, which is free from brokerage. They are cheap as they are one of the discount brokers.

Question – How to Open Zerodha Demat Online?
Answer – This stockbroker only exists and hence, opening an account with them online is absolutely easy. You can check out the article for the step by step process. Broadly speaking, you have to click on the green button from the website and follow the form filling process.

Question – am i ZerodhaCan I invest through IPO?
Answer Yes, this stockbroker provides the service of IPO investment. You have to fill the IPO form online and then continue with the rest of the process to successfully invest in any of the latest IPOs.

Question – What leverage does Zerodha provide?
Answer – Leverage facility is ensured by the broker but now fixed. This is subject to a number of parameters, including stocks that are not subject to purchase through margin. Now, the brokers offer leverage up to 1x for delivery and up to 5x for intraday.

Question – Does Zerodha have a trading app?
Answer- Zerodha Offers 3 different investment apps, each of which serves a different purpose. The app for trading is called Zerodha Kite, while ZerodhaThe coin is for the purpose of online mutual funds and finally, ZerodhaVarsity stock market acts as a medium of education.

Question – Zerodha How to contact customer care?
Answer – The company has zero branches, as a result of which you cannot contact them through offline means. Now, the online channels available are chat support and email support, which are made available round the clock to all.

Question – What Zerodhaprovides research?
Answer – This stockbroker is a discount broker and hence, the structure followed by them does not involve in-depth research and analysis. However, you can rely on them to know the latest developments as well as some stock tips and recommendations.

Question – What Zerodha Good for beginners?
Answer Yes, this stockbroker is generally the choice of beginners as they are low on capital and prefer cheap stock brokers. Zerodha Belongs to the domain of discount brokers which makes them one of the cheapest options, as well as the safest.

Question- Zerodha Who founded Zerodha Demat Account Review
Answer – Nitin Kamath is the founder of this discount broker, which started its operations in the year 2010. He is currently serving as the CEO of the company. Nikhil Kamath Zerodha Co-founder and is currently the CIO of the company.

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