Mumbai: Cop Assaults Restaurant Manager For Refusing Free Food

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Assistant Police Inspector Vikram Patil reached this restaurant after midnight

Mumbai :

A restaurant manager was assaulted and abused by a policeman for refusing to provide free food in Maharashtra’s Mumbai city. The incident happened after the closing hour of the restaurant. People have commented expressing their displeasure about the video of this incident which went viral on social media. Assistant Police Inspector (API) Vikram Patil had reached this restaurant after midnight. In the CCTV footage, he can be seen continuously beating the restaurant employee. The incident is from the welcome dining bar of Santa Cruz East Area. According to an eyewitness, Vikram Patil entered the restaurant on behalf of the kitchen and asked for food. They looked drunk.

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Manager Ganesh Patil told Inspector Patil that it was 12:35 and the kitchen was closed. This enraged the policeman and he, ignoring the manager’s words, reached the counter and used abusive words and started beating him. Other employees of the restaurant intervened and separated the policeman. Bar owner Mahesh Shetty said, “It was around 12.30 pm when the policeman asked for food. The restaurant was closed and how could we have opened it beyond the deadline? We have lodged a complaint against API and will approach top officials to register an FIR.” A senior Mumbai Police official said that the incident happened after an argument between the cashier and API over food. “We are verifying the facts and action will be taken against the police officer,” he said.language input)


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