Trent Bolt recalls Javed Miandad

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Kiwi fast bowler Trent Bolt commemorates legendary Pakistan batsman Javed Miandad.

Representing the Northern Districts in the New Zealand Super Smash League, the left-arm fast bowler played a key role in batting.

The Northern Districts team got into a lot of trouble in pursuit of an easy target of 108 runs while 8 runs were required in the last over and they had 4 wickets left but only one run was made on the first 4 balls and the wickets fell.

Clarke took a run off the fifth ball and Trent Bolt went on strike. Northern needed six runs off one ball to win with one wicket remaining.

Trent Bolt hit a six off the last ball to lead the team to victory.

It should be noted that Javed Miandad, the legendary batsman of Pakistan, is the first to win by hitting a six on the last ball of the match.

In the 1986 Sharjah Cup final, Pakistan needed 4 runs on the last ball to win and Pakistan had the last wicket left. In such a situation, Javed Miandad gave victory to Pakistan by hitting six off the last ball to Indian bowler Chetan Sharma.

Fans have not forgotten this historic moment, despite the passage of more than three decades.

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