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Ambikapur News: You must have seen many such wonders which are difficult to believe. One of such wonders is the Jaljali of Chhattisgarh. The specialty of this place is that by walking or jumping here, the ground starts shaking. It seems as if there is a swamp under it. But its exact address is not yet known. Experts are engaged in research to know the secret of this place. Actually, there is a reason why Mainpat of Surguja district is called Shimla of Chhattisgarh. Shimla is called so because it is cold throughout the year.

Apart from this, the beauty of Mainpat is no less than Shimla. Surrounded by hills at an altitude of 3300 feet above sea level, there are many such wonders in Mainpat, seeing which you will press your finger under your teeth. One of those wonders is Jaljali where the ground shakes. Now this place has been established as a tourist center. Tourists from other states also reach this place and try to find out the secret of moving the ground as well as entertain.

Jaljali main attraction for tourists

Inverted water, Fish Point, Tiger Point, Mehta Point are the places to visit in Mainpat, which is called the hill station of Chhattisgarh. In the months of November-December-January, there is a huge crowd of tourists. Jaljali remains the main attraction for the tourists because the wonders like shaking of the ground are seen only in Mainpat. However, the phenomenon of ground shaking is linked to the fact that there is a swamp at that place. But researchers say that beneath the ground was the gate of the volcano. The stories of the wonders of Mainpat are famous all over the country. Perhaps this is the reason why people from every corner of the country come to see the beauty of Mainpat. The tourism department is also expanding the facilities to promote the culture and beauty of Mainpat.

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