Video Of A Rhino Running Through Assam Road Goes Viral

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Many people have shared this video on social media.

New Delhi:

The way humans live in residential areas. In the same way, animals also spend their lives in the forest. But sometimes the animal gets so fed up with human intervention that it has to move towards the residential areas. In fact, due to the indiscriminate deforestation of forests, there is a very limited space left for the animals to live. In such a situation, many times animals leave the forest and reach the area of ​​​​human. Seeing whom humans get scared and in this affair many times the animal is killed.

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Now imagine what would happen if you saw an animal walking on the road. Obviously you will be scared. But these days a similar video has been captured on social media. You will also be surprised by watching this video. It can be seen in the video that a rhinoceros is walking comfortably in the middle of the road, while many people are seen walking on their bikes on the road.

Watch the video here-

Seeing the Rhino coming in front, many people are also seen turning their car backwards. Now there is no doubt that it is in the good of the people to stay away from the rhinoceros. But it is the human being responsible for this that wild animals are leaving their homes and reaching human habitation. Now this video is becoming very popular on social media. Kaziranga is a national park located in central Assam, which is considered to be the abode of the one-horned rhinoceros.

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This video has been shared by IAS officer Dr. MV Rao on Twitter. Along with the video, he has written the caption – From Jungle to Urban Jungle. Kaziranga to Nazira, Assam. Thousands of people have watched this video since it was shared. People have also given funny reactions on this. A user has written – It seems that it has come out on the walk. On the other hand, another user wrote in a funny way – where is the jungle.


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