Five pilgrimage journey of Banaras and five elements of life Kashi is a wonderful instrument to connect the universe with human beings

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Jaggi Vasudev says that Kashi is the most complex and most refined machine in the world. It is a device that connects humans to space through rituals.

Kashi is not only a place to live for human beings, but it is such a device, which connects human to the universe. It is very ancient, more ancient than every city in the world or rather Kashi is ancient than ancient. The meaning of the word Kashi is – luminous. There are 54 temples here of Shiva and 54 of Shakti. Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev says that Kashi is the only city in the world, which is built like a human body.

Jaggi Vasudev says that Kashi is the most complex and most refined machine in the world. It is such a device, which connects human beings through rituals to space, which is the real source of our energy. Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev claims that Kashi rests on the trident of Shiva. Kashi is about 33 feet above the ground. This is the reason why this city is different in the world. There is tremendous energy in Kashi, no such energy anywhere else. It connects you directly to the universe. Kashi is also called Shivnagari because it used to stay here in winters.

Jaggi Vasudev further explains about the science of Kashi that Kashi is standing on the trident of Shiva and there are three main temples above the three tips of the trident. Of these, Omkareshwar is in the north, while Vishweshwar is in the middle and Kedareshwar temple is in the south.

Kashi also has 64 Yogini temples, 12 Sun temples, 9 Navadurga temples, 9 Chandi temples and many different temples. In this way, there are a total of 486 temples in Kashi. Half a year in Kashi, the Sun is Uttarayan from Dakshinayana. Panchkoshi Yatra is also important here, during this 108 temples fall, devotees travel here on foot. Panchkoshi Yatra takes place in clockwise direction and all the temples falling in this yatra fall on the right side of the road.

It is said about Kashi that there are 42 types of Shivling here and in Kapildhara temple, all 42 types of Shivling are seen in one form.

The number of Kashi is 5, which is said to be the number of Shiva. Kashi is based on this 5 number, which has been created on the basis of the structure of the human body, so that the human can directly connect with the universe. This is how the scientific structure of Kashi is understood.

Talking about the connection between Kashi and the universe, Rana PB Singh and Praveen S Rana of Banaras Hindu University write:

The human body is made up of 5 elements

5- fire

Now understand the 5 routes of Kashi

1- Chaurasikoshi
2- Panchkoshi
3- City training
4- undisturbed
5- interior

Now in the human structure of Kashi, the body or rather the five limbs of Shiva were kept in mind.

1- brain
2- legs
3- face
4- blood
5- heart

Apart from this, there are also five chakras. Now understand them like this, the journey of Kashi Mandal is divided into five routes. Chaurasikoshi, Panchkoshi, Nagar Pradikshana, Avimukta and Antgraha. These five roots represent the elements of sky, earth, water, air and fire. These five elements allow energy to enter the five parts of the human body – brain, legs, face, blood and heart. Now after entry there is a transformation of energy, these are the transformations – consciousness in the brain, action in the feet, perception, vision and the fifth transformation takes place in the heart, which leads to the attainment of bliss. That is why Kashi is also called the subtle universe, which connects human beings with the universe.

American novelist and thinker Mark Twain writes about Kashi – “Kashi is older than history. It is more ancient than tradition. This predates even fables. History, tradition and fables, even if the history of all three is mixed, it is twice as old as these. Mark had come to India in 1986, during which he had also visited Kashi and expressed these views.


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