Ludhiana shakened by 6 died at Shingar Cinema Blast In 2007, three days after Ajmer Sharif Detonation | 6 people died, the accused got terrorist training in Pakistan

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The industrial capital of Punjab, Ludhiana, shook the entire state on Thursday due to a blast in the court complex. Even before this, in 2007, during the running show in Shingar Cinema, terrorists attacked and exploded. This terrorist incident took place three days after the blast at Ajmer Sharif Dargah in Rajasthan. In this 6 people were killed and 30 were seriously injured.

On 14 October 2007, Shingar Cinema with a capacity of 700 seats was full due to the Eid ul Fitr holiday. The blast took place during the 7:00 pm show of the movie ‘Janman Janam Saath’ at 8:30 pm. It was not immediately known what caused the blast at the cinema on Samrala Road. The explosion took place between the first and second seats of the front row. The injured were admitted to CMC and Civil Hospital. The condition of 10 of the injured was very serious.

Wanted Nijjar of blast was caught like this

Wanted Khalistan supporter Hardeep Nijjar was arrested in Canada on 24 April 2018 in Shingar cinema blast case. Hardeep’s name was also in the list that Captain Amarinder Singh, the then Chief Minister of Punjab, submitted to the Prime Minister of India, Canada, Justin Trudeau in February 2018. This action was taken by the Government of Canada after the intervention of the Ministry of Home Affairs in the matter.

In 2007, there was a blast during the Chalte show in the same Shingar cinema.

In 2007, there was a blast during the Chalte show in the same Shingar cinema.

Nijjar used to sell milk in Jalandhar

Hardeep Nijjar (37), a resident of village Bhar Singh Wala in Jalandhar, used to sell milk in the village before 1995. Joining the terrorist wave in Punjab, he fled to Canada and living there in the city of Surrey, with the help of ISI, formed the Khalistan Tiger Force with the help of Pakistan-based terrorist organizations. He became active since 2005.

Terrorists got training in Pakistan

Later, the police had claimed in this case that the terrorists were trained in Pakistan by the accused of bomb blasts in Ludhiana’s Shingar cinema. Their target was Punjab and especially the Dera Sacha Sauda and three other sects. This entire training took place under the supervision of ISI.

The multiplex was built in 1975 itself.

The Shingar cinema hall in Ludhiana is such that a multiplex was built in 1975 itself. Theater operators claim that this was the first multiplex in North India. Three halls were built in the cinema hall and three screens were installed – Mini Shingar, Midi Shingar and Shingar were three halls. All the three cinema halls were made of different levels.

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