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The Silent Sea 2021 is an upcoming South Korean sci-fi mystery thriller streaming television series. In this series, you will see many veteran actors and actresses working together including Gong Yoo, Bae Doona and Lee Joon.

The series is an adaptation from the 2014 short film The Sea of ​​Tranquility written and directed by Choi Hang-yong who will also direct the series. It is scheduled to release on Netflix on Christmas Eve on December 24, 2021.

During a dangerous 24-hour mission to the Moon, space explorers attempt to retrieve samples from an abandoned research facility shrouded in classified secrets.

The Silent Sea All Episodes Download FilmyZilla 720p, 480p Leaked Online in HD Quality

The Silent Sea Series Download During a dangerous 24-hour mission to the Moon, space explorers attempt to retrieve samples from an abandoned research facility shrouded in classified mysteries.

The actor shared that The Silent Sea was a project he had always wanted to star in, noting that he jumped at the opportunity to do so after seeing the script. Gong Yu stars alongside Sense8’s Be Do-Na in an upcoming Netflix series.

“It’s kind of [शो] Which I have been waiting for a long time,” he said. “I always wanted to do a science fiction thriller film and as soon as I read the script, I wanted to participate in it.”

The Silent Sea Netflix Series Trailer

over here you The Silent Sea Web Series Download Filmywap The trailer can be seen online. Set in the distant future where Earth has undergone desertification, Han Eun-jae (played by Yu) leads a space exploration team to the Moon, which may well hold the key to the planet’s existence.

Meanwhile, Bae Ka Song Ji-en is an astrophysicist who aims to uncover the truth behind the accident that led to the abandonment of the space station on the Moon.

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The story is set in the future, where Earth has become habitable. Due to desertification, there is hardly any food and water left to eat. The only solution is to obtain a mysterious specimen from an abandoned research station called Balhae Base.

The catch is that this base is hidden on the Moon, where their chances of survival are fifty-fifty. The space agency designates a team for this mission, Gong Yu being one of the soldiers involved. All the other cast members are also scientists who accompany Gong Yu on this mission into outer space.

The Silent Sea Release Date and Time

The Silent Sea Series To December 17, 2021 at 09:00 am IST Has been released worldwide. where if you have Netflix If the subscription is available, then you can watch it by streaming it online. where you want it Download You can also do it in your mobile or computer.

Available On Netflix
Running Time 2:30 Hours
Released Date 24 December 2021
Language Hindi
Subtitle English
Country India

Some of the major characters on the show would include Han Eun-jae—the role played by the exploration leader, Gong Yu. An astrobiologist, Doctor Song Ji-en, who will be enacted by Bae Duna, and Ryu Tae-seok, Engineer Captain who is brought to life by Lee Jun. Kim Jae-sun is a supporting character who heads the Aviation Administration’s resource group, played by Heo Sung-tae.

MoviesFlix The Silent Sea Series Cast

let’s know now The Silent SeaFull Cast of the Series What are.

Movie The Silent Sea
Artists Henry Cavil | Anna Shaffer | Freya Allan
Director Choi Hang-yong
Movie Type Action | Adventure | Fantasy,

The Silent Sea Watch Online Dailymotion

do you want too The Silent Sea Watch Online Doing. Then for your information, let me tell you that some sites have leaked The Silent Sea for download in different quality. You have to search by typing this, such as The Silent Sea Series Download MP4Moviez 1080p, 720p, 480p, 360p, 240p and HD.

The series is based on the short film The Sea of ​​Tranquility, which was written and directed by The Silent Sea director Choi Hang-yong. The series will expand on the basis of the short film, which will focus on a future in which space travel becomes essential due to climate change. The project stars Gong Yu, who has previously starred in Train to Busan and the smash-hit Netflix series Squid Game.

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Jung-woo-sung will executive produce the series. Netflix announced the series in December of 2019. Silent Sea follows the tremendous success of Korean series Squid Game, which premiered on the streaming platform earlier this year.

The record-breaking success of Squid Game has shown that non-English series can find mass audiences, and The Silent Sea, which is also a Korean language project, will certainly prove competitive on the holiday streaming line-up.

Distributor Netflix
Channel Partner Sony Max
Music Partner Zee Music
Running Time Not Available
Release Date 24 December 2021
Language No, English
Country India

Netflix has revealed that The Silent Sea will be available to stream on Friday, December 24, 2021, and will hit the streaming service globally. It will be added at 12.01 pm PST.

Set in the not-too-distant future, the Earth is dying and undergoing desertification. Earth’s only chance of survival lies in the hands of an expert team sent to the Moon, whose task is to retrieve a mysterious specimen from the Balhe Base Research Station.

What The Silent Sea The series is also available on YouTube?

No, The Silent Sea Not available on YouTube. but if you have Netflix If you have a subscription, then you can enjoy this film.

The Silent Sea What is the release date time of?

The Silent Sea is the release date time 24th December 2021, that too Netflix In.

The Silent Sea Netflix Who is the Director of

The Silent Sea Director of Netflix Choi Hang-yong

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