Beauty Tips Cause Of Wrinkles How To Prevent And Home Remedy For Winkles

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Wrinkle On Face: Wrinkles have started appearing on the face of youth these days. A major reason for this is the problem of deteriorating lifestyle, irregular eating habits, stress and lack of sleep. Celebrities do surgery to remove wrinkles, but sometimes getting surgery makes the face worse. In such a situation, we are telling you the reason for getting wrinkles and how to remove them. By making some changes in lifestyle, your wrinkles will disappear and you will look younger.

What causes wrinkles?

1- Using excessive and wrong cosmetics on the face leads to wrinkles.
2- If your skin is dry or you use creams that make the skin dry, then it can lead to wrinkles.
3- Wrinkles also appear on the face due to pollution.
4- Sometimes stress and lack of deep sleep also lead to the problem of wrinkles.
5- Keeping the face in a particular way also leads to wrinkles.

Remedies to get rid of wrinkles on face

Take care of skin To remove wrinkles, it is most important not to let the face become dry and lifeless. Wash the face twice a day with clean water and use a cream that retains moisture. To clean the face, use a mild cleanser and use a mild scrub. When out in the sun, apply sunscreen with more than 30 SPF and cover the face with a cotton cloth.

Take care of face expressions If you always give expression in one way or maintain the same face for a long time, then do not do it. If you do this, then massage it with some cream every day while sleeping. This will eliminate the wrinkles formed on the face. Always massage with cream after washing the face.

Get plenty of sleep- Sleep is called beauty sleep i.e. when you sleep deeply, your whole body is getting repaired. The skin also heals by sleeping at night. But due to lack of sleep, stress increases and untimely wrinkles start appearing on the face.

Don’t worry- Try to take stress to a minimum. Tension is the first to appear on your face. Whenever you are under stress, your body starts producing more cortisol hormone, this hormone breaks the collagen and collagen helps to keep your skin glowing.

Change in diet- Eating well keeps the skin glowing. Therefore, include plenty of fruits and green vegetables in the diet. Also eat salad and curd. Drink dry fruits in breakfast and at least 10 glasses of water in a day. This will keep your skin young for a long time.

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