Rising cases of corona virus, Dubai Expo at risk

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The multi-billion dollar festival in Dubai has warned that some of its venues could be closed due to the rapid rise in corona cases in the UAE.

Dubai’s Expo 2020 says parts of the fair may be temporarily closed for cleaning and sanitation due to the spread of the virus in Ulema.

The number of virus cases in the UAE has increased 37-fold in the last three weeks since the emergence of the Omekron variant.

A statement from Dubai’s state media office on Monday highlighted the challenges facing hosting the first such large-scale event during the global epidemic.

The fair began in October after a year-long delay.

The UAE believed that the immediate introduction of the vaccine would not have to shut down its economy, a move that has paralyzed much of the West.

The expo has implemented a number of precautionary measures against the virus, including a face mask on the spot and a vaccination certificate or recent negative virus test for admission.

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