The mosque was closed for six months after the jihadi sermon was delivered

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A mosque in the northern French city of Beauvois has been locked for six months after a jihadist sermon was delivered.

According to the local administration, jihadi fighters were portrayed as heroes during the sermon in the mosque, which creates an atmosphere of hatred and violence.

France has also begun checking Islamic centers and mosques suspected of belonging to extremism.

French Interior Minister Gerald Dermanin has said that the process of closing the Beauvais mosque, a hundred kilometers north of Paris, has begun.

In his sermons, Christians, homosexuals, and Jews were targeted.

The city administration has ordered the mosque administration to file its reply within ten days.

According to the French news agency, the imam of the mosque had recently converted to Islam.

The lawyer for one of the organizations operating the mosque said that the sermons were distorted and presented out of context.

The lawyer added that the imams of the mosque who were objected to had given voluntary speeches and had been removed from their duties.

On the other hand, the French Ministry of the Interior says that the person who occasionally gave a speech on a voluntary basis is actually a permanent imam.

In his sermons, the imam paints a stark picture of the religion of Islam, in which he gives precedence to Islamic law over democratic law in France.

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