10+ interesting facts (facts) about Ratan Tata

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Ratan Tata BirthdayRatan Tata’s name is one of the legendary industrialists. Ratan Tata’s role is crucial in making the Tata Group one of the largest corporate houses in the world. The biggest attraction of his personality is his simplicity. Today, on the occasion of his birthday, we will tell you about some interesting facts about him (10+ unknown & interesting facts). Ratan Tata’s success and achievements are well known, but below are some unknown and interesting facts that you might not know about.

Ratan Tata started his career with the Tata Group in 1961 and his first job was to manage the operations on the shop floor of Tata Steel. Ratan Tata, the Honorary Chairman of Tata Sons turned 84 today. A successful industrialist, he is also known for his philanthropy which has earned him many awards and recognitions at the national and international level.

10+ Unknown and Interesting Facts about Ratan Tata

Ratan Tata has also received two of India’s highest civilian awards – Padma Vibhushan (2008) and Padma Bhushan (2000) for his incomparable contribution to nation building. Ratan Tata’s success and achievements are well known, but below we have listed some of his unknown and interesting facts that you may not know about.

  1. Ratan Tata was born in 1937 and his father’s name was Naval Tata who was adopted by Ratanji Tata.
  2. Ratan Tata’s parents separated in 1948 when he was just 10 years old.
  3. He was raised by his grandmother Nawazbai Tata, who was Ratanji Tata’s wife.
  4. Ratan Tata is a skilled pilot having a licence. In 2007, he flew the F-16 Falcon.
  5. Ratan Tata is unmarried but has reportedly admitted that he came close to getting married four times.
  6. Ratan Tata started his career with the Tata Group in 1961 and his first job was to manage the operations on the shop floor of Tata Steel. He later went to Harvard Business School to complete his studies. Ratan Tata is also an alumnus of Cornell University College of Architecture.
  7. Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) was made public in 2004 during his tenure. Under Ratan Tata’s leadership, the group gained global attention after acquiring Anglo-Dutch steelmaker Corus, British automotive company Jaguar Land Rover and British tea firm Tetley.
  8. In 2009, Ratan Tata promised to make the cheapest car that the country’s middle class population can afford. He fulfilled his promise and launched the Tata Nano for Rs 1 lakh.
  9. The Honorary Chairman of Tata Sons is also known for his philanthropy. Under his leadership, the Tata Education and Development Trust, a philanthropic partner of the Tata Group, provided a $28 million Tata Scholarship Fund to allow Cornell University to provide financial assistance to graduate students from India.
  10. In 2010, Tata Group of companies and Tata Charities donated $50 million to build an executive center at Harvard Business School (HBS), named Tata Hall.
  11. In 2014, the Tata group donated Rs 95 crore to the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay and formed the Tata Center for Technology and Design (TCTD) to develop design and engineering principles adapted to the needs of people and communities with limited resources. . This is being described as the biggest donation to the institute so far in its history.

Today (28 December) is the birthday of this great personality. Ratan Tata was born on this day in 1937. Ratan Tata had to face many bad experiences in life before taking over the reins of Tata Group after JRD Tata. The divorce of his parents had a great impact on him. When his mother remarried, he faced taunts in school as well. Some time ago Ratan Tata shared his experience about this on social media. He says that due to the lessons learned from his grandmother, he used to ignore such situations and move forward.

Ratan Tata is also known for his reverse colonialism in the corporate world. The tea business of the East India Company has a major role in the history of slavery in India. Ratan Tata bought the famous British tea brand Tetley in 2000 and made it part of the Tata Group. This trend did not stop there, but in 2007 he acquired the Anglo-Dutch company Corus Group and in 2008 Jaguar Land Rover.

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