How to find IT talent by referrals

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If your IT profile is very difficult to recruit, because you need very rare skills or technologies. Your best option is to search for it by recommendations from colleagues or co-workers. Since profiles with little-used technologies are difficult to find on job portals and social networks.

Why should you ask for recommendations for technology positions?

  1. Find hidden talent. Your IT employees are part of a community of Information Technology professionals. They probably know a lot of tech candidates that you just can’t reach. In addition, there are other IT recruiters who have a portfolio of technology resumes in which you may be able to find your ideal candidate.
  2. Reduces costos. Hiring by referrals reduces recruiting costs if a company employee attracts a candidate.
  3. Best talent. No one recommends a candidate who they don’t think is good at their job. People are often very selective in the talent they recommend.

How do I search for IT professionals through referrals?

1. Ask IT employees to recommend a colleague

In your own company you have a great means of recruiting, your employees. Information Technology professionals meet other talented technology candidates. They know who of their acquaintances do a great job.

No one recommends a candidate they don’t trust, because IT professionals know that when they have a co-worker who is underperforming, they put the rest of the team behind and the work they do is not of good quality.

There are very well designed programs where you are given a bonus if one of your recommended friends or colleagues is hired. Which is a great incentive since they receive an extra income in their fortnight. Normally this bonus is paid when your referral passes the third month of the contract.

2. Ask other IT recruiters if they have the profile you are looking for in their portfolio

IT recruiters with years of experience have a long portfolio of profiles that they have compiled over the years. Your profile can be in this portfolio. Ask a fellow recruiter if they have a certain profile on their resumes. You can offer him a portfolio swap, which is a common practice among recruiters.

A portfolio swap consists of giving a recruiter colleague a certain number of technology resumes that you have obtained, so that he can deliver the same (or close to) number of resumes.

Also IT recruiters have met hundreds of technology candidates in their career and perhaps they once met a candidate who is perfect for your position. If he does not have a vacancy for the candidate at this time, you can ask him to pass you his resume. It is important that you have a good relationship with as many technology recruiters as possible, because in the future they could help you fill a difficult vacancy. For this to work it is key that you also recommend good candidates to make it a win – win.

At JobsTI we have a specific LinkedIn group for technology recruiters with whom you can network. Access the group at:

Also use your social networks. Ask for a share to your co-workers. Your share can help you reach hundreds of your contacts who may be former co-workers or college colleagues who have a profile technological related to your vacancies.

In short, asking for recommendations from other IT recruiters and employees in your IT department is cheap, it can bring you better candidates and help you find hidden profiles that are very difficult to find. So it is vitally important that you consider it within your recruitment strategy.

End of the IT Recruitment Guide

With this chapter we have reached the end of the Guide.

Throughout the Guide I have given you several tips to apply in your recruitment of Technology profiles. I really hope they helped make your job a little easier.

Applying a single strategy that I gave you will not be enough to reach your recruiting goals. You have to apply two or three strategies at the same time to find more technology candidates. Everything I have taught you during the Guide I learned through trial and error in my 10 years of experience as a Senior IT Recruiter. Some of my strategies did not work and others were successful. Sometimes what did work would stop working months later.

So the last piece of advice I want to give you is analyze and measure all your recruiting efforts. This will allow you to know which of your actions help you reach your goals to replicate them and which of your efforts are not helping you to stop doing them.

Finally, I don’t want to stop thanking you for reading the ten chapters of this course. If this guide gave you any advice that helped you a lot, I want to ask you a big favor. Share this guide with your colleagues so that more recruiters can learn how to find IT talent effectively.

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