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What is google fonts in computer. how to install google fonts in computer Google Fonts Download Process | Install Google Fonts in Hindi

Today we are going to give you information related to how to download and install Google phone in computer through this post. Because by using Google fonts we can make our website attractive and beautiful. They say that the more good our handwriting is, the more attractive our notebook will look. Similarly, if you are a blogger or a designer, then we always try to make maximum people see it. In which Google Fonts plays an important role. When we do any work of designing or typing on the computer, then we need Google fonts. After downloading Google fonts in our computer or mobile, when we type anything in our phone or PC, then its typing look starts attracting very different side.

google fonts in computer What is ?

In the year 2010, Google Phone Library was launched in which about 1000 fonts are available. This phone has been made available absolutely free of cost to all the users. Which you can also use in commercial projects without any problem. Google Web Fonts is developed by Google. Google phone was developed for the internet only, that’s why Too much use of it on the Internet is done. You can embed Google fonts in a web page through a small CSS file or a GS file, which is very easy to use. After which it shows you the content in 1000 fonts. You can search Google fonts according to your convenience by typing language, category or font family name. The names of the most used fonts are as follows- Sans, Roboto, Karma, Poppins, hind, Laila Lato, Verdana.

google fonts in computer download process

  • After that you will get many types of fonts, you can choose according to you like
  • font Family सर्च, Category Select,
  • You can select Font Language.
  • After selecting fonts, click on + in red color.
  • now you Blackboard Open it and click on it.
  • Now Download Click on the button. Now Google Font will be downloaded in your computer.
  • After that go to the font location and on top of it Right-Click do and then Extract Here… Click on
  • Doing so will exit the font file. After this, select all the fonts you are seeing, and select them again. Right-Click press and Install Click on Google fonts will be installed on your computer.
google fonts in computer

Top 8 Google Fonts Website

  • Roboto Google font.
  • Open Without Google font.
  • Lato Google font.
  • Slabo Google font.
  • Oswald Google font.
  • Source Sans Pro Google font.
  • Montserrat Google font.
  • Raleway Google font.
google fonts download

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