Rules Change From 1st January 2022 ATM Cash Withdrawal Charges GST Rules Change IPPB Charges New Rules From January

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At the same time, many things are changing regarding GST as well. The GST rate on shoes and slippers has increased, so that now their purchase will become expensive.

Changes from 1st January, 2022 :

Let’s take a look at the new changes which will have a direct impact on you.

Withdrawing cash from ATM will be expensive

From January 1, 2022, customers will have to pay Rs 21 for every transaction, not Rs 20, for transacting more than the limit of the month. Three private banks have also changed the rules of transactions. According to the new rules of ICICI Bank, the first five transactions will be free, while a fee of Rs 21 will be charged for every subsequent transaction. The fee on every financial transaction will be Rs 21, while on non-financial transaction this fee will be Rs 8 50 paise every time.

HDFC has set different rules according to the cities. The first three transactions are free for Mumbai, New Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, Bengaluru and Hyderabad. After this, for transactions exceeding the free limit, Rs 21 plus tax will have to be paid per transaction.

The rule of Axis Bank is also similar. Axis Bank has put a provision of Rs 20 plus tax for withdrawing money after the free limit. This fee will be applicable after 5 free limit on financial transactions. Ten rupees fee has been fixed for non-financial transactions.

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IPPB also increased the charges

India Post Payment Bank has also decided to change its transaction rules. After which only 4 transactions can be made free from this bank. Fees will have to be paid on all transactions after four. The person doing the transaction may have to deposit Rs 25 per transaction.

expensive to buy slippers

Firstly, from January 1, the rates of GST on the footwear industry have been increased. The rates on the textile industry were also increased from five percent to 12 percent, but due to protests, this increase was postponed in the GST Council on Friday. However, the GST rates on the footwear industry have been increased from five per cent to 12 per cent. In such a situation, buying shoes and slippers will be expensive.

GST Filing Required for GSTR-1 Filing

The GST Council has announced that businessmen who do not file their monthly GST return or summary return will not be allowed to file GSTR-1 sales return from January 1, 2022.

The rules related to bank locker became strict

In August this year, the Reserve Bank had tightened the rules related to bank lockers. Under the new guidelines, the liability of the bank towards locker in case of fire, theft, building collapse and fraud by bank employees will be limited to 100 times its annual rent. The revised guidelines regarding lockers are effective from January 1, 2022.

Banks will have to include a provision in the locker agreement under which the person renting the locker will not be able to keep any illegal or dangerous goods in it. (Read full news here)

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There will be a revision in the prices of LPG cylinders

The prices of cooking and commercial LPG cylinders in the country are revised at the beginning of every month. Last month, the prices of domestic cooking gas cylinders were kept constant, but the price of commercial cylinders increased by Rs 100.50 per cylinder. This time also it has to be seen that what is the revision in the prices of gas cylinders.


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