Kim Kardashian Tweets For Killer driver Sentenced To 10 Years From 110 Years tsty

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Story Highlights

  • The truck driver was sentenced to 110 years
  • On 25 April 2019, more than two dozen vehicles collided
  • Four people died in the accident

Kim Kardashian Tweets On Drive: The sentence of a truck driver who was sentenced to 110 years in the US has now been reduced to 10 years. Actually, this truck driver was accused of hitting more than two dozen vehicles with his truck on 25 April 2019. Four people had died in this accident. The brakes of the truck had failed. Due to which this accident happened.

After this, 26-year-old truck driver Rogel Aguilera Mederos was sentenced to 110 years in prison. But campaigned on social media against the punishment of the driver and for his release. These included Kim Kardashian. Kim also tweeted continuously for the release of the driver. After which his sentence has now been reduced by Colorado Governor Jared Polis. Kim was constantly opposing this punishment.

Now that this driver’s sentence has been reduced, Kim Kardashian has thanked Governor Jared Polis. Kim made several tweets on the reduction of Rogel Aguilera-Mederos’ sentence. In which he wrote, now he will be able to come out of jail after 5 years and come to his son and wife.

An order in this regard was issued by the Governor’s Police on Thursday. At the same time, a campaign has started on to reduce the punishment to the driver. This Link But till now more than 50 lakh people have logged in in support of accused driver Aguilera Mederos.

According to the Daily Mail, when the driver was sentenced, charges were framed against him in 27 cases. When the driver was sentenced in this case, he also apologized to the families of the victims. Then the driver had said that this road accident happened by mistake. At the same time, the mother of Aguilera Mederos was also constantly telling her son to be innocent. Kim Kardashian had earlier asked Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt to commute a death sentence. Overall, Kim Kardashian has recently raised her voice to reduce the punishment of many criminals.


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