Will the cryptocurrency bitcoin lose its value in 2022?

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Bitcoin prices plummeted after China banned its mining in June (Photo: Reuters)



2021 saw a record rise in the value of the digital currency bitcoin, but cryptocurrency experts are unable to make any such predictions for next year.
According to the French news agency AFP, between December 2020 and April, the value of the bitcoin tripled to ہزار 60,000, but before the start of the new year, it has lost some of its value and now The price is ہزار 50,000.
“Recent price fluctuations have created uncertainty in the digital capital market,” said Lucas Lagods, executive director of ARK36, a cryptocurrency investment fund.
The value of the bitcoin rose in April as CoinBase, a cryptocurrency trading company, debuted in the stock market.
The value of the bitcoin peaked in October and exceeded 66 66,000.
Alan Musk, the founding chairman of US technology company Tesla and Sepus X, made some controversial tweets about the bitcoin, which was followed by fluctuations in the price of the bitcoin.
The fall in the value of the bitcoin came after China banned its mining in June.
Chinese officials say there is a strong link between cryptocurrencies and money laundering.
According to some experts, with the entry of 2022, bitcoin is likely to increase its competition with its rival currency Ethereum.
The total market value of the cryptocurrency sector is دو 2 trillion, with bitcoin worth 900 900 billion, according to Coin Gecko, a site that provides information on the cryptocurrency market.


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