How to pollute less with the car

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Electric cars are not the only formula to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Also with your diesel or gasoline vehicle you can make your contribution to a more sustainable planet. Some changes in your driving habits will serve to improve the efficiency of the vehicle and cause less pollution with your car.

Become a conductor ecofriendly It will be profitable in every way. On the one hand, you will be committing to the environment and betting on a better future for the planet. On the other hand, you will be favoring the resource saving And also to your economy!

Did you know that by applying some simple routines in the care and maintenance of your car you can save up to 1 l of fuel per 100 km? This implies a reduction of about 2.5 kg of CO2. Multiply this figure by the number of kilometers you travel per year with your car and you will realize why it is worth making the effort.

Tips for a cleaner driving

Good driving practice also has a positive impact on the environment. By applying these tips, you will make the daily use of your vehicle much more efficient and less polluting.

  • If you are going to stand still for several minutes, stop the engine and turn off the air conditioning. Both circulating and stopped, the air conditioning can suppose an extra consumption of 20%.
  • Check the tires and adjust the pressure, always with cold wheels. Exceeding the manufacturer’s recommended pressure by one or two tenths will slightly reduce rolling resistance without affecting the tire. With this change you get a small saving in fuel.
  • Keep up to date vehicle reviews and complies with the main maintenance interventions such as oil and filter change. An efficient engine is one that consumes and pollutes less.
  • Adjust your speed. It is something that you can do with ease, especially on highways and highways. It is better to take a speed lower than the maximum allowed and keep it constant. You will reduce fuel consumption.
  • Organize the load in the trunk and don’t overdo it. It distributes the weight of the luggage well to guarantee the stability of the vehicle while driving and dispenses with unnecessary elements. The lighter you travel, the less effort the car will have to make.Share vehicle. Take turns with your co-workers to coordinate the trips and you will reduce CO2 emissions up to four times, if the vehicle travels in full.

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