Countries around the world are ready to welcome 2022 amid the threat of Covid

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  • Many countries have given exemption to celebrate despite Omicron
  • Despite the threat of Kovid, people will be seen celebrating on the new year
  • Countries like New Zealand have relaxed restrictions for the New Year despite Kovid

New Delhi:

New Year Celebration 2022: A day later we will all enter the New Year 2022. People are ready to celebrate on New Year. Although many countries have announced strict restrictions in the midst of increasing cases of Kovid, but in some countries more strictness has not been done yet. There is no doubt that the whole world is going to start this new year in the midst of another wave of corona virus epidemic. Even after banning celebrations and some festivals in many countries, people are ready to welcome the new year.

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In the year 2021, along with the pandemic, the COP26 summit was held where environmental decisions were taken. Also in 2021, Taliban occupied Afghanistan. Now many countries are preparing to say goodbye to the year 2021 and bring the new year with optimism for better things. Know here what is the situation in which countries on the new year and what are the preparations for the new year.


Due to the increasing cases of Omicron variants of corona virus, the states of the country have banned the celebration of the new year. Night curfew has been announced along with registering 50 percent attendance at many important places from Delhi Metro. Many states in India have announced the imposition of Night Curfew. In order to celebrate the New Year, many states including Maharashtra, Delhi, Bihar, Karnataka have imposed restrictions on all the venues including pubs, club houses where crowds gather to celebrate the New Year. Although there are many states of India where no restrictions have been imposed for celebrating the new year.

Rio de Janeiro

The city’s mayor Eduardo Paes was quoted by the news agency AFP as saying that the city is completely open. The city is ready to celebrate. The city has been allowed to take the important decision of holding its iconic Copacabana beach festival amid the COVID-19 transition in the city. In addition to Copacabana, nine other places across the city have also been allowed to celebrate.

New York

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio has announced the reopening of the Times Square Ball Drop this year. Last year only frontline workers and their families were allowed to attend the event in person. Now on Friday nights the public will gather in Times Square to watch the annual New Year’s Ball Drop.


Seoul is preparing to welcome 2022 inside the metaverse with a virtually bell-ringing ceremony. Only a small number of people will be present at the city’s Bosingak Pavilion where a 20-ton bronze bell belonging to the Joseon Dynasty period is played 33 times during midnight. As per a UPI report, this year the Seoul authorities have settled on using the Metaverse where 3D avatars can watch comedy shows, listen to music, meet and even click selfies. can. Only 14 prominent citizens of the country will be allowed to be physically present at the Bosingak pavilion for the New Year celebrations.


Popular places like Blues Point Reserve, Gibbah Park Pyrmont, Lavender Bay and Observatory Hill are all offering free tickets for people to come and watch their six tons of fireworks at 9 p.m. and then midnight. The New Year celebrations will continue despite the rise of Kovid-19 infection in the region.


New Year’s fireworks displays in London have been canceled for another year, although private parties and organized events are still allowed.


On New Year’s Eve in New Zealand, restrictions imposed on Kovid rules have been relaxed. Here the rules for public gatherings have been relaxed on the eve.
The entire nation is set to lead the New Year’s World celebrations at midnight on Friday. People in Auckland will be allowed to celebrate at the party.


In China, there is a high alert in some cities to celebrate the New Year, while in some cities it has been announced to celebrate the New Year with restraint. A lockdown has been imposed in Xian city, while many New Year’s Eve celebrations have been canceled in other cities.

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