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There was a time when BlackBerry smartphones were very popular. But after many scandals and data breaches, its graph kept falling sharply. Since then, BlackBerry has officially announced the termination of all its features from January 4, 2022.

Thus all facilities including phone, service and network will be terminated in next few days. They will not even be able to connect to any cell phone network. The first report of this was published in a website called Ars Tekna. BlackBerry also had its own servers that will now become legends.

In the early heyday of the smartphone, the BlackBerry Android phone was a rival to Apple in every way. But the Apple phone shocked the whole system by optimizing the touch screen. On the other hand, the rapidly changing perspective has not changed. It can be estimated that the last update of its software was in 2013.

Now, in the new year, all BlackBerry phones, operating systems and software services are coming to an end.

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