Stolen Donkeys Become Headache For Rajasthan Police The stolen donkeys become a headache for the police, the identity parade of ‘Chintu, Pintu-Kalu’ in the police station

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The owners of the protesting donkeys told the police to leave the donkeys from where they had come and find their animals.

News Nation Bureau | Edited By : Nihar Saxena | Updated on: 31 Dec 2021, 08:35:37 AM


The total value of the stolen donkeys is Rs 14 lakh. (Photo Credit: News Nation)


  • Theft of 70 donkeys became a headache for the police
  • Owners refuse to accept discovered donkeys
  • Stolen donkeys worth Rs 14 lakh


A strange case of theft of donkeys has been seen in Hanumangarh, Rajasthan, where the police have to struggle a lot after 70 donkeys are stolen. The police had to conduct an ‘identity parade’ of donkeys at the police station after the owners of donkeys lodged a complaint of theft in Khuiyan town area of ​​the district, but the matter is still not resolved. After the complaint, when the police investigated, they found many donkeys and then the owners of the donkeys were called, so that they could be identified. Although now their owners have said that they just look like their animals (donkeys), but they are not theirs, so they have refused to accept the donkeys.

It is being told that 70 donkeys were stolen from Khuiyan area of ​​the district during the last few days. When people complained about this, initially the police did not pay attention to them. After this, the owners of those donkeys and CPI(M) workers went to the police station and staged a sit-in. Due to this the police also swung into action and they went from village to village to find the donkeys. Police caught 15 donkeys and brought them to the police station, but the people staging a sit-in said that these donkeys are not theirs. The protesting donkey owners say that they want their own donkey. Now the troubled police are persuading the donkey owners to take these donkeys, but they are adamant on taking their own donkey.

The owners said that some of the donkeys have been named Chintu, Pintu and Kalu and when they called them by these names, none of these animals reacted or acted, proving that they were not their animals. The owners of the protesting donkeys told the police to leave the donkeys from where they had come and find their animals. Donkey owners say that donkeys are their means of livelihood. They say that the cost of a donkey is about 20 thousand rupees and in this way 70 stolen donkeys cost about 14 lakh rupees. Donkey owners say that donkeys work as a burden and after they are stolen, their means of livelihood has ended. On this, SHO of Khuiyan police station Vijender Sharma while talking to the media said, ‘We have formed teams to trace these animals.’

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First Published : 31 Dec 2021, 08:35:37 AM

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