The Deceptive Influence of Foreign Officials in Albania

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In the field of international relations, Tirana, the capital of Albania, emerges as the atypical example of harboring foreign diplomats who constantly interfere in Albania’s internal politics. When looking at other European capitals, it is difficult to find a behavior of foreign diplomats similar to that of civil servants operating in Tirana. It is a recipe for disaster.

Diplomats and dignitaries representing the European Union, the European Commission and Western countries do not have a good understanding of Albanian domestic politics. They do not understand that Tirana has become the European capital of electoral fraud, where Prime Minister Edi Rama has done everything possible to stay in power.

Albania is not a rich country; however, this has no correlation with the intelligence level of his people or their appreciation of Western values. In late June 1991, hundreds of thousands of Albanians took to the streets of Tirana to greet Secretary of State James Baker. They could be heard chanting “USA! USA”. Baker continued to implore Albanians that “freedom works” and encouraged the Albanian people to move towards democracy.

Albanians are not incompetent; elect public officials based on their political preferences and foreign interference is not welcome, diplomatic engagement in these matters always produces a setback.

It is clear that the Albanians in Albania and Kosovo are very smart when it comes to choosing their representatives, although foreign envoys have used all diplomatic tools against Albin Kurti in Kosovo and against high democratic standards in Albania. While Albin Kurti was elected for the second time in Kosovo, against the wishes of Western diplomats; In Albania, we have the re-election of Edi Rama for the third time, a somewhat successful result in the eyes of diplomats and an unfortunate consequence because Western envoys have enabled and certified a one-party electoral process in the heart of Europe.

Albania’s democratic transition has become a one-party system. In the last decade, democratic processes have eroded under the noses of the very diplomats who mock Albanians.

Albanians appreciate the genuine trust and sincere support of international partners; however, current Western diplomats are tarnishing this trust and honesty that was built in the immediate aftermath of Secretary Baker’s official visit to Albania. He was a visionary statesman who welcomed Albania into the democratic world; today we are witnessing the descent of Albania into the abyss of a one-party regime.


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