Patient’s first interview from Gujarat’s Omicron Care Center, woman told- no problem in breathing; Taste and smell good too | First interview of Omicron positive patient from Gujarat, woman told – no problem in breathing; Taste and smell good too

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  • Patient’s First Interview From Gujarat’s Omicron Care Center, Woman Told No Problem In Breathing; Taste And Smell Good Too

Rajkot20 minutes agoAuthor: Jignesh Kotecha

Corona has once again gained its momentum in Gujarat. Along with this, the cases of Omicron are also increasing rapidly. On December 25, the Omicron report of a 21-year-old woman who came from London to Rajkot came positive and is being treated in the Omicron ward of the Civil Hospital.

Bhaskar’s team has taken an exclusive interview of the woman keeping in mind the guidelines and protocols of the central and state governments. In the conversation, the woman said, ‘There is no need to panic with Omicron, it does not cause any problem in breathing, at the same time, it tastes and smells too.’ Here are the excerpts from the conversation with Bhaskar…

Question : Did you get the corona test done in London?
answer : I live in London. As soon as I came to know that my mother’s health was bad, I booked a ticket for Rajkot. I got the test done as soon as the flight was fixed, but then my report came negative.

Question : Where did you get the Omicron infection from?
answer : I came to Ahmedabad airport from London via Abu Dhabi. I spent 17 hours in Abu Dhabi, so I suspect I got infected during this time.

Question : How to reach Rajkot?
answer : When I reached Ahmedabad airport, my test report came positive, so I was brought to Rajkot by private ambulance and admitted to the civil hospital here.

Question : How was your condition after getting infected with Omicron?
answer : I had symptoms all over my body, but the disease was nowhere to be seen.

Question : Do you need oxygen or a ventilator?
answer : I have not felt the need of oxygen or ventilator till now.

Question : What medicine are you being given now?
answer : I am being given Vitamin C, Multi Vitamin and Paracetamol tablets as needed.

Question : How is your health now?
answer : My D-dimer was slightly increased, but now it is normal. Now my health is good. My food has not decreased either.

Question : What message would you like to give to people?
answer : Take care of yourself by following government guidelines. No need to fear Omicron. I have never had corona before, but I have taken both doses of the vaccine so I am recovering quickly.

Couldn’t see last of both parents
Let me tell you, after the death of her mother on December 19, the woman had reached Ahmedabad for her last visit. But when the Omicron report came positive, he had to be admitted directly to the hospital. Earlier in April, the father also died of Corona and he could not come home from London.

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