Young man buys motorcycle to thank his stepfather who paid for his two college degrees

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This young woman managed to pursue her two dream careers thanks to the efforts of her stepfather and she did not hesitate to thank him. Discover the history!

Young man buys motorcycle to thank his stepfather who paid for his two college degrees

Last update: December 30, 2021

Unfortunately many people lose their father from childhood. But nevertheless, There are times when life is in charge of giving them a father figure that gives them unconditional love and helps them get ahead.

Those people give themselves body and soul to satisfy all the needs of their adopted children. This is how they feed an unbreakable bond despite not bearing the same blood.

In the same way, Although they do not converge at the genetic level, these father figures show their children that they will always be willing to help them. Because of this, they accept each other in the best way.

This was demonstrated by Derlis, a Foster father copy. For that reason, below we share all the details of his wonderful act.

The great stepfather

Diana Pérez is a young Paraguayan who was left without a biological father when she was just a baby. Well, unfortunately, the lord’s life ended when he was just beginning to raise his daughter.

Over time, his mother met again with a person who provided security and decided to formalize a relationship. This is how Derlis came into Diana’s life and provided her with all the care of an exceptional father.

In this way, Derlis helped educate Diana and passed on to her the essential values ​​of life. In addition, He never had a problem collaborating on each of his expenses so that at no time he was missing anything.

A) Yes, With the tireless efforts of her mother and Derlis, Diana was able to finish high school. However, just at that moment a problem arose.

Diana’s college career

When making the decision about the profession she wanted to undertake, Diana told her mother that she wanted to study two university degrees. But nevertheless, she replied that it couldn’t be possible because they only had the resources to pay for one.

At that moment, the young woman felt a deep disappointment and through tears she went to her room. But, Derlis followed her and communicated that he was going to work tirelessly every day so that she could fulfill her dream.

This is how the stepfather dedicated himself day to day to work in a shoe store. In addition, for more wounds and fatigue that for some moments he felt in his fingers, he never gave up.

In this way, during each semester Derlis managed to find the necessary resources to help her daughter pay for both majors. As a result of that fact, Diana was able to successfully complete her studies in Law and Public Registration.

The reward to the stepfather

Over time, Diana began to work and save her own money. Because of that, He promised to get the resources to reward his stepfather’s efforts.

That way, when he reached good financial stability, he gave Derlis a wonderful motorcycle. This is because the one I had was already very deteriorated.

Along with this, he shared the wonderful gift through social networks. Well, his intention was that netizens will find out about the great heart and paternal instinct that Derlis had shown to have.

In this way, a large number of people congratulated the wonderful heart of the stepfather. In addition, They stated that a father is also the one who, without having blood, accepts a child unconditionally and encourages him to get ahead.

Final reflection

Stepfathers deserve all the recognition in the world. Well, They are in charge of conquering the hearts of children, guiding them, protecting them and making them feel that everything will be fine along the way.

In addition to this, they become the role model that children need to learn to behave. Similarly, They become the reference and authority figure that each child requires to strengthen their confidence.

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