Volvo will depart from Chandigarh at 5.30 pm; Volvo will start again after five years | Volvo will depart from Chandigarh at 5.30 pm; Volvo will start again after five years

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Haryana Volvo Bus.

Haryana Transport Department had closed the Volvo bus facility to Jaipur five years ago. But now on January 1, 2022, Haryana Roadways Chandigarh has decided to run Volvo Bus again. This bus service will start from January 1 at 5.30 pm.

This time the Volvo bus from Chandigarh to Jaipur will run via Delhi. It will leave Chandigarh from January 1 at 5.30 pm. Bus service from Chandigarh to Jaipur will leave at 6.30 pm and will leave Delhi at 11.30 pm.

The bus ran from 2014 to 2016

Haryana Roadways started its Volvo bus facility for Jaipur in 2014. Then this bus used to go via Rohtak to Narnaul. Then the receipt of this bus was very less. Due to the loss, the bus was stopped by the Transport Department. Now Delhi Via Jaipur has been started. This time roadways is promoting bus service to more and more passengers to make this route successful. So that the bus does not have to be stopped again due to losses. Let us inform that due to the farmers’ agitation, roadways had closed some routes leading to Delhi. Now after the end of the farmers’ movement, those routes have also been restored and are being run on the old route. Due to the farmers’ agitation, an additional 18 km detour from Chandigarh to Delhi had to be taken. While 13 kms additional from Hisar to Delhi.

Nine Volvos in the Roadways Fleet

Haryana Roadways has nine valves in its fleet. Most of it is running to Delhi and Gurugram, Hisar and Charkhi Dadri. Now this tenth bus will be run in Jaipur. In the year 2022, Haryana Roadways Department will procure about 900 buses. These buses will run at the places of the old worn out buses.

it will rent

The fare from Chandigarh to Jaipur has been fixed at Rs 1400, from Chandigarh to Delhi at Rs 695, from Delhi to Jaipur at Rs 705.

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