340% increase in payments from cryptocurrency in 2021

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Some countries still have cryptocurrency laws but no one is using them, but the year 2021 has seen a dramatic increase of 340% in global cryptocurrency transactions.

This increase reflects the usefulness of blockchain technology itself. Then the use of NFT (Non-Fungible Token), digital assets and meta-versus itself when these currencies were legalized had to be increased. Similarly, play-to-earn gaming transactions also take place in cryptocurrency.

According to the details, the second largest gateway for cryptocurrency payments in the world, the processing of cryptocurrency at 5 5.43 billion, which is an increase of 67%. Thus, cryptocurrency payments have increased by 168% overall this year.

Following this trend, PayPal was the first to add bitcoin and ETH. PayPal is a vast online payment platform that has openly embraced cryptocurrency. After that, FIS also announced to accept bitcoin.

Although many of the rules and regulations regarding cryptocurrency are still thirsty, due to its security, universality, speed and unconventional approach, it has made the most progress this year. Its merchant establishments also saw an extraordinary increase of 300 to 800.

In Thailand, on the other hand, the tourism sector, a supermarket called Consum and other entities have also started trading in cryptocurrencies.

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