“Do not go anywhere where there are many people because the virus is surely waiting for you” • Channel C

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This Thursday, the vice-mayor of Córdoba, Daniel Passerini, was in the “Political Day” program and gave some advice to continue taking care of the coronavirus at the end of this year.

Passerini attributed the increases in Covid 19 infections to parties and crowds of people. That is why he asked citizens to refrain from this type of event “Do not go anywhere where there are many people because surely the virus is waiting for you. I think you should not go looking for it, because it is waiting for you”

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Taking into account the end of the year celebrations, he recalled that the meetings or gatherings that take place should be of few people and, if possible, in open spaces.

On the other hand, he referred to the sanitary measures that public transport should take, be they collective, taxis or remises. Among these, he mentioned that the windows must remain low at all times to allow air circulation. This has lately stopped being done to be able to have the air conditioners of the vehicles running at full power.

Watch the full interview:

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