Anand Mahindra liked this ‘picture’ the most this year – Anand Mahindra Wishes Happy New Year 2022 To Netizens And Shared Favorite Photo Of The Year tutk

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  • ‘Shared video of Andean condor bird ‘Sinchi’
  • ‘Hope to get rid of Corona’s poison in 2022’
  • ‘Hope, Hard work, Hope is the core of our life’

Anand Mahindra has shared his ‘most favorite’ picture of the year 2021 on Twitter. In this, a briefcase is kept on the handcart and a child is studying sitting on it. With this, he has given a beautiful message and has also congratulated the new year.

Image showing ‘Hope, Hard Work, Hope’
Anand Mahindra has tweeted that this is my favorite photo of the year (Anand Mahindra Favorite Photo Of The Year). I don’t know who clicked it and I don’t know its photographer, but it was in my inbox. He further wrote that this picture shows hope, hard work and hope, which is the core of our life for which we live. Once again a Happy New Year to all!

Will get ‘liberation from corona’ in 2022
Before sharing his most favorite photo, Anand Mahindra also shared a video of ‘Sinchi’ on Twitter to congratulate Happy New Year 2022. This is a video of an Andean condor bird being released free in a Peruvian mountain range.

With this, Anand Mahindra has written, ‘Just this one video has captured all my hopes for the new year. Cinchi, an Andean condor bird, is freed near a Peruvian mountain range after being rescued from the effects of a dangerous poison. Corona has given ‘poison’ to this world. Hopefully, in the new year 2022, we all have ‘collective wings’ to fly out of it. Happy new year.

Anand Mahindra often makes such positive posts on Twitter. Which is very much liked by his fans. At the same time, people are also convinced of his spot response.

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