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Ohio News: In a shocking incident, the father shot his own daughter. According to media reports, the father mistook his own daughter as an intruder and shot and killed her. According to the local police, the man opened fire on his own 16-year-old daughter, which resulted in her death.

Police said that the girl’s mother, Jane Hairstone, had herself called emergency services and informed about the incident.According to the media, this incident of the father’s murder of the daughter took place in the southeastern part of Columbus, Ohio, in the early hours of Wednesday.

Following the incident, the police were called to an address on Piper Ridge Drive at around 4.30 am. Police said her mother called emergency services on Wednesday morning and told that her daughter was lying on the floor of her garage, who had been shot by her father as an intruder. According to local media, both the parents seemed very upset over the death of their daughter.

After the shooting incident, Hairston was taken to a local hospital where he was declared brought dead. A note from Hairston’s school said that we are deeply saddened by this incident and will do everything possible to help the family.

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