Thousands against Corona rules: Again protests – violence in Magdeburg

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Status: 03.01.2022 11:25 p.m.

In several federal states there were again numerous corona protest events in the evening. Thousands took part in the mostly unapproved actions. There were clashes in Magdeburg and an arrest was made in Fulda.

In the evening, more than 25,000 people took to the streets in numerous German cities again against the state Corona measures – often during unauthorized “walks”. In some places there were also gatherings of supporters of the measures and vaccination.

During protests there are riots in Magdeburg came. The police inspection of the state capital spoke of broken police chains, bottles thrown at officials and pyrotechnics. According to initial findings, the police were not injured. According to the police, around 2,500 people had gathered. The meeting was not indicated, it said.

More than 2000 people in Halle

In total, thousands of people took to the streets in Saxony-Anhalt to protest against the state’s corona measures. Up to 2100 people took part in a demonstration in Halle. An exact overview of all protests was not yet available in the evening. A week ago, around 16,700 demonstrators were counted in Saxony-Anhalt at 37 meetings related to corona measures.

In Nuremberg, almost 3,000 people demonstrated against the Corona policy in the evening – twice as many as expected. As the police headquarters announced, there were no incidents after the start of the “Monday walk”. In many other Bavarian cities and communities, opponents of the Corona measures had also called for so-called Monday walks as a sign of protest.

Actions in Rostock, Schwerin, Greifswald

Many cities had banned non-stationary rallies and threatened participants in undeclared demonstrations with fines. In According to a police spokesman, a total of almost 10,000 people took part in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania in more than 20 cities at registered light walks, rallies and non-registered silent marches.

In Rostock – the city with the largest of these demos in the country to date – several thousand demonstrators gathered again that evening, according to the police. According to the information, around 1,600 people came together in the state capital Schwerin, and several hundred on Greifswald’s market square. According to initial estimates by the police, a good 2,000 demonstrators gathered in the Mecklenburg Lake District. In Greifswald, the critics of the Corona measures faced a large group of counter-demonstrators.

So far, things have remained peaceful in Thuringia

According to the police in Thuringia, more than 8,000 people took part in unannounced protests against corona protective measures. The state police department assumed that this number would be five digits in the course of the evening. Apart from small scuffles, the demonstrations have so far been peaceful, said a spokesman. Most of the participants were counted in Gera – around 2000. According to police estimates, there were around 1000 demonstrators each in Altenburg and Saalfeld, and 500 in Nordhausen.

In Saxony, several thousand people took to the streets in illegal protests against the Corona measures. According to the police, up to 1,000 people came together in Bautzen alone. In the east Saxon city, in which twelve police officers were injured on duty a week ago, two demonstrations had formed. As a police spokesman announced on request, both elevators could be stopped. The situation has remained clear, it said. Firecrackers could be heard here and there.

Counter rallies in Brandenburg

In Brandenburg, too, the protests by critics of the corona measures and anti-vaccination campaigns continued. Counter-actions were announced in many places. In Potsdam the alliance “Potsdam shows its colors” called for the opponents of the Corona measures not to let the city go. Mayor Mike Schubert (SPD) said at a rally that the people made it clear with their presence that there was not only protest against the current measures. The togetherness at a registered demonstration shows that it is possible to express one’s opinion without breaking rules or laws.

Several thousand people demonstrated against the Corona measures in Baden-Württemberg. A police spokesman said that around 2000 participants gathered for a “walk” in Friedrichshafen on Monday evening. The participants spontaneously agreed to meet on social networks to move the campaign from Ravensburg to Friedrichshafen. It is now up to the municipality to dissolve the unregistered meeting. There were no large gatherings in Ravensburg, said the spokesman.

Participants in Fulda attacked the police

The police in Fulda, Hesse, disbanded a gathering of opponents of the current Corona measures in the evening. A police spokesman said a meeting participant attacked the emergency services. The officers used pepper spray and the person was arrested. According to the police, the gathering was broken up because no masks were worn and no distances were observed. In addition, there was no leader of the meeting. In other Hessian cities, too, people took to the streets in the evening to demonstrate against the Corona measures – for example in Frankfurt, Kassel or Gießen.

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