Young Man Attacked With Knife In Seraikela Kharsawan Jharkhand | The incident took place while leaving after worshiping in the Shiva temple of Kapali, people of Hindu organizations reached the police station.

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Seraikela-Kharsawan8 hours ago

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Youth attacked symbolic

In Seraikela Kharsawan district, a youth coming out of the temple after worshiping has been attacked with a knife. The case is of Tamulia under Kapali OP. It is being told that local youth Nitesh Giri had gone to worship at Sevalal Kewat Shiva temple. While going out after worshiping, he was attacked fatally. A young man named Tarzan is accused of the attack. People of Hinduist organizations reached the police station demanding immediate action on the attacker. Police has assured speedy action in the matter.

Nitesh has suffered an injury in this incident. He has been admitted to MGM Hospital for treatment. According to the information received, Nitesh had come to the temple to worship. Tarzan forbids Nitesh from worshiping him. Despite this, he went to the temple to worship. As soon as he came out of the temple after worshiping, Tarzan attacked him. An attempt was made to stab him in the throat with a knife. Meanwhile, the young man tried to stop the knife with his hand. He got injured in this. Nitesh told that earlier also Tarzan had attacked him.

Police engaged in ascertaining the entire dispute
The police has started investigating this entire matter. Efforts are being made to find out what is the real reason behind the dispute between these two youths. The police are confused about the protest in the matter of worshiping in the temple. Therefore, the search for the accused youth has been started for interrogation about the whole episode.

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