Another Pakistani became a hero of Saudi citizens

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Saleem, a Pakistani citizen, risked his life to rescue a Saudi citizen who was trapped in a flood with his car at Shoaib Al-Malqa in Qasim region and made his homeland Pakistan famous.

According to the details, the car of the Saudi citizen was stuck in the storm waves. A local man called for help and the Pakistani youth, Saleem Jan, rushed to the spot to rescue the vehicle which was caught in the flood and shifted it to a safe place before it was swept away in the flood relay.

Mutab Naja Al-Mutairi said that the front of a compatriot’s car went into a gorge near Shoaib Al-Malqa where the floodwaters were passing. He was trying to stop the driver from crossing the gorge when suddenly he fell into a ravine and the flood engulfed him.

According to al-Mutairi, he told his Pakistani counterpart, “If possible, try to save him.” He hurried to the gorge, not caring for his life, and rescued the car and its Saudi owner.

According to the lesson website, the incident of bravery of Pakistani citizen Saleem once again went viral on social media in Saudi Arabia. Saleem commemorated Farman Khan, a young Pakistani man who was martyred in the 2009 Jeddah floods while saving the lives of Saudi citizens.

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