Tick ​​Tuckers use weapons found in suspects, target killers, police say

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Karachi (NNI) Sensational video statement of juvenile accused of killing a citizen for making sensational tick tock has come to light, police revealed that the weapon found in the possession of children turned out to be illegal Could not explain, such weapons use target killers, a 30 bore shell was found at the scene, CCTV footage of six locations was obtained. Accused Saeed Ahmed stated in the video statement that And Ali is studying in matriculation. 17 year old Ismail has matriculated. On the day of the incident, four boys were riding on two motorcycles. Ismail was sitting behind Fazil and Ali was sitting behind Ali. When he shot, he hit his uncle, we ran home in fear, the gun was spared but Ismail had it, I gave the gun to Ismail, we were going to take pictures and video, when the shot was fired. I was hit by its shell. Accused Fazil said in the video statement that he was making video to get views. On the other hand, police said that the deceased Qamar Raza came from Khairpur to his sister’s house on the third floor. The victim was the father of six children and the sole head of the house.


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