Keshu bhai of Surat sets the example of Paes – He built hostels for the children across the country after his childhood was spent in deprivation, got 109 built in 7 years | Childhood was spent in deprivation, hostels were being built for children across the country, 109 were built in 7 years.

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  • Keshu Bhai Of Surat Sets The Example Of Paes He Built Hostels For The Children Across The Country After His Childhood Was Spent In Deprivation, Got 109 Built In 7 Years

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The 108th hostel in Narmada district of Gujarat was inaugurated on 2 January.

Keshubhai Goti of Surat spent his childhood in absence. There was a shortage of essential things including clothes and food. There was not even a roof to live in. One day in the midst of the deprivation, I thought whether or not a hostel should be built for the children living in want. In 2015, the first hostel was built at Bedkuvadur village near Kakrapar, which cost Rs 11.89 lakh.

The guests who came to the inauguration ceremony gave me courage. Said- ‘Besides your village, build such hostels in other villages also. They will also help. Just on the same day I decided to build hostels in 11 other villages. With the help of the people, I got it built the next year itself. This journey did not end. On Sunday 2nd January, 108th and 109th hostels (in Narmada district) were inaugurated in this sequence. It was named after the donor late Gauriben Kanjibhai Kakadiya.

Now under this resolution, work is going on to construct 208 hostels across the country for the benefit of poor, forest dwellers and tribal children with the help of donors. In this, buildings are also being prepared in Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Assam, Orissa, Nagaland and West Bengal. After the inauguration of 109 buildings, now 30 are in the preparation stage. Apart from this, the work of selecting the village site for the construction of another 40 hostels is pending.

171 donors join, Keshubhai himself bears half the cost by forming a trust
Keshubhai said that the work of making hostels for the children is going on unabated. He himself bears 50 per cent of the construction cost through the ‘Matrishree Haribhai Goti Charitable Trust’. The remaining amount is taken from the donor and on his suggestion, the hostel is named. So far 171 donors have joined us.

An elderly man handed over the amount of insurance policy received due to the death of his late wife for the construction of the hostel. There is also a group of senior citizens brothers who are helping us in this noble cause, all of them are our inspiration. We also have a dedicated team of 30 people handling all the arrangements including construction.

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