Houthi: Leave UAE cargo ship immediately: Arab League

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The Arab League has demanded that the Houthis leave the UAE cargo ship immediately or face the need to use force.

According to Saudi Arabia’s state-run news agency SPA, Arab League spokesman Brigadier General Turki al-Maliki said “the terrorist Houthi militia will be fully responsible for the criminal act of piracy against the ship.”

“This is a violation of international humanitarian law, the San Remo Manual on Armed Conflicts and the United Nations Law of the Sea,” he said.

“The militia must leave the ship immediately or the coalition forces will take all necessary steps to deal with the breach, including the use of force if necessary.”

The cargo ship was hijacked near the Yemeni coastal city of Hodeidah.

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The UAE ship Raoubi was carrying equipment from a hospital on the island of Socotra near Yemen to the port of Jazan in Saudi Arabia. The hospital was established on the island by Saudi Arabia.

The ship was carrying security and technical equipment, including ambulance vehicles, lighting equipment, telecommunication devices, tents and kitchenware.

Al-Maliki said the Houthis were fully responsible for the crime. He told the militia to leave the plane immediately.

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