Occupying Indian Army continues state terrorism, 2 Kashmiri youth martyred by firing

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In occupied Kashmir, the Indian Army started the year by playing Holi with the blood of Kashmiri youth in which 2 more youth were martyred.

According to Kashmir Media Service, the market of oppression and barbarism of Indian Army is hot in Janat Nazeer Valley. Two more Kashmiri youths were shot dead in Srinagar during the so-called search operation.

During the search operation, entrances and exits of Shalimar area were closed. The sanctity of the chador and the four walls was violated and the ambulance was not allowed to enter.

Occupying Indian Army insulted women and tortured elders during house-to-house searches. After martyring the youth, he refused to give the bodies to the next of kin.

It is to be noted that last month Occupying India martyred 31 youths out of which 10 were extrajudicially killed while 94 citizens were arrested without any justification.

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