Is there a penalty if you are over 18 and have not registered for the RFC?

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The Tax Administration Service (SAT) ruled out the possibility of applying sanctions young people over 18 years of age who do not register for the Federal taxpayer registration (RFC) unless they start any economic activity.

He emphasized that according to what was approved by the Congress of the Union, no young person will be sanctioned for not registering with him SAT, if you do not have income from an economic activity.

“This institution is very clear that the transition from Registration It will take some time and during this period there will be no penalties, no fines, or sanctions, ”he stressed.

He explained that with the Tax Miscellany 2022 the Federal Taxpayers Registry (RFC) Mandatory for people over 18 years of age. But joining the RFC and, the joint obtaining of the e. signature (electronic signature), does not imply that they are obliged to pay contributions or to present statements, unless they already carry out some economic activity.

By having your RFC and your electronic signature, youths They will receive notices in the means of contact that they register (email), in case their identity has been used by said companies.

He added that with the change in legislation the SAT seeks to incorporate RFC to the youths people over 18 years of age in order to introduce them to the tax culture, but above all, to protect them from identity theft since shell companies use them as name-bearers.

He explained that the Ministry of Public Education requests the RFC and the electronic signature to be able to issue the professional certificates of recent graduates and graduates.

Among the benefits of having a RFC They are: your tax identity is assured; procedures and services can be carried out by verifying your identity digitally; the SAT protects your data and fights corruption by preventing identity theft.

He explained that the e.firma (electronic signature) is a secure, encrypted file and has the validity of an autograph signature.

He recommended that young people be registered in the RFC and they do not work, verify that they are registered as: “registration of individuals without economic activity” in the Portal of the SAT so as not to generate fiscal obligation.

The link is There they should review their Tax Situation Certificate and check that in the Regime section it mentions: “No tax obligations”. In case of not being able to enter this link due to lack of Password, it is suggested to request it in SAT ID

Clarify that young people who enroll in the RFC without economic activity are not obliged to pay taxes nor to submit monthly or annual informative returns; Nor to give warnings, unless they change their regime and start activity; meanwhile, the SAT will not apply any type of sanctions or collection of taxes for it.


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