How To Eat Radish Or Muli To Avoid Gas Issue And Fart Problem

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Radish Health Benefits: Most people abstain from eating radish simply because after eating it, more gas is formed in the stomach, which often becomes a reason for embarrassment. Or else you have to face stomach pain. Actually, whether it is a matter of excessive gas formation or stomach pain. If you are having these problems after eating radish, then it is not the radish but your way of eating radish that is responsible. To avoid these problems, eat radish by adopting Ayurvedic rules.

right time to eat radish

To avoid stomach pain and gas, know that you should never eat radish on an empty stomach or in dinner. The right thing is that you should not eat radish with food. Yes, it is not right to eat raw vegetables in the form of salad with cooked food. This puts more pressure on the digestive system, as well as makes it difficult to digest food.

You should eat radish after breakfast in the morning and between lunch or lunch and dinner seeds which are snack time, you should eat radish at this time. By eating radish at these times, its digestion will be better and your body will get all its nutrients.

right way to eat radish

  • The right method of eating radish is that you eat it after peeling it and eating it with black salt.
  • While eating radish, mix other raw vegetables like cucumber, tomato, carrot etc. with it. By doing this the taste will also increase and the amount of nutrition will also increase.
  • While eating radish, keep in mind that it should not be very ripe but should be salad radish. That is, thin, small and sweet in taste.
  • After eating radish, instead of sitting in one place, take a short walk because radish takes time to digest. Sitting in one place increases the time of its digestion.
  • Keeping these things in mind, when you eat radish, you will not suffer stomach pain, gas problem. Also you will be able to enjoy the taste of radish.

Do not eat radish even by mistake at night

  • One should avoid eating radish in any form at night. Whether it is about radish salad or radish vegetable and parathas. Consuming radish in dinner can cause pain in your stomach.
  • People who have more body pain and who do not do physical activity, such people should avoid the consumption of radish because eating radish can increase your pain and gas formation.

Disclaimer: ABP News does not confirm the methods, methods and claims mentioned in this article. Take these only as suggestions. Before following any such treatment/medication/diet, consult a doctor.

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