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Paper is an important part of our life. The use of paper is very important for writing anything. Paper is used in every corner of the world, whether it is school. , College, Office,Be it hospital or government office and the best thing is that paper can also be recycled which means it does not harm the environment. Nowadays, along with the paper manufacturing business, paper bags, paper cup,tissue paper ,Paper plates etc. are also being manufactured. In the coming time, the use of plastic is going to be completely stopped because plastic causes a lot of damage to the environment.

Therefore, if you are also thinking of doing business, then paper manufacturing business is a great business idea. Now most people use paper instead of plastic, due to which the demand for paper is also high. Today we are going to tell you about the paper manufacturing business business so that if you also want to start this business then you can get complete information.


To start any business, first of all it is very important to know about the cost i.e. investment in it. Paper manufacturing business is one of the big industries, so it requires large-scale investment. In this business, you may have to invest at least 50 to 80 lakhs for the factory. In addition the machine, raw material, marketing, Transport, employees , power supply , water supply , license for factory, Furniture, etc. also have to be spent.

license for factory

To do any big or small industry, you need to take license under Indian rules. For paper manufacturing business, you need GST (GST) , Enterprise (UDYAM) ,factory license (Factory License) and NOC from Fire Pollution Board (NOC from Fire Pollution Board ) Without which you cannot start this business.

place for factory

Paper manufacturing is counted among the big industries. For paper mill you need big space. For this you will get 40000 Sq. ft. Space is needed. Apart from this, for requirements like storage tanker, you will get 30000 Sq. ft. Open space will also be needed.

Power Supply

A large amount of power supply is required to run any large industry. For paper manufacturing business, you need an estimate of 300 kw Electricity is required.

raw material supply

If we talk about raw material, then the raw material required for paper manufacturing business is waste paper. (Scrap paper ) । For this, you have to contact the scrappers ie those who give scrap paper so that you can get scrap paper in large quantity. Apart from this, the chemical products are available to you in the market.

raw material used in paper manufacturing

Scrap paper is used as a raw material in paper manufacturing. Other than this Pulping Chemicals (Pulping chemicals) ,Makeup Fillers(Make up fillers) , woods chemicals (Woods chemicals) , Caustic soda (Caustic Soda),sodium sulfite (Sodium sulphite) ,bleach (Bleach) etc. is also needed.


Machine is a very essential part for paper manufacturing business. To make paper, you need a variety of large machines. in which the head box (Head Box) ,breast roller ( breast roller), dolly roller (dolly roller), felt dryer (felt dryier), heated dryer (Heated dryier), mixer Machine(Mixture Machine) ,roller machine(roller Machine),storage tank ( storage tank), Four Driner Machine (Four drinier machine ) ,Spinning Cylinder (Spinning cylinder) etc.

recruitment of employees

Your second major requirement for paper manufacturing business is experienced employees who can help you run your business well. For this business you need production staff and operational staff. The production staff looks after the work from the operation of the paper making machines in the factory to its manufacturing, while on the other hand the operational staff accounting., marketing, Administrator , Looking after the distribution work. You do not need a lot of employees for paper manufacturing business.

Complete Details of the Paper Manufacturing Business Process

You will be able to run any business properly only when you have complete knowledge of that business, about which we are going to tell you in detail today. Paper is formed after many processes. There are many processes for this.

  • Forming Section

In this, the scrap papers are put into the power pulping machine. The paper is converted into pulp with the help of chemicals and water. The paper pulp is then put into the paper filtration machine. From where all the dirt of the paper pulp is removed. The cleaned paper pulp is put in the paper pulp washing machine, which also removes the chemicals and the rest of the dirt.

After this the pulp is put in the bleaching tank from where the rest of the dirt is also removed completely and the paper pulp is kept in the storage tank from where the paper pulp is sent to become paper.

  • press section (Press Section)

Here the high pressure from the middle of the rotating wire of the headbox to the pulp which takes the pulp to the gap former from where most of the water is removed.

  • weight section (Wet section)

Then the wet paper is transferred to the wet filter rollers. is inserted into the machine in which the roller pressure With the help of this, the remaining water is taken out.

  • Size Press Section (Size press section)

here paper heated roller section (Heated roller section) goes in. From where the thickness of the paper is determined after it is completely dry. Is performed. then prepared sheet The jumbo roller(Jumbo roller) Wrapping Paper Coating Machine (Paper  coating machine) is put in.

  • Reel section (Reel section)

Here the finished paper is rolled with a jumbo roller (Jumbo scooter) Wrapping Paper Roll Rewinding Machine (Paper roll rewinding machine) In Where is the quality of the paper sheet The check is done and the finished paper is sent to the market.


Transport is also an essential part of paper manufacturing business. Transportation is required from bringing the raw material to the factory to sending the finished papers to the market. For this you can contact the local transporter.


If we talk about profits, then paper manufacturing business is one of the large scale industry. The profit from this is also higher. This profit depends on the production and demand of the paper. It is estimated that you can earn a profit of 20 to 25 lakhs in a month from this business.

Which paper products can you make in the paper manufacturing business?

The complete information given by us is given for making the paper. Plus paper cups, paper plate, tissue paper, Napkin, paper bag, paper straw, Notebook etc. are also manufactured. Paper manufacturing is also done according to size like A4, A5 Etcetera.

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