Egypt.. Decision to release Nabil Shaath’s son accused of financing the Brotherhood

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Egyptian legal sources announced the imminent release of Ramy Nabil Shaath, son of Nabil Shaath, the former Palestinian foreign minister and advisor to the Palestinian president, who was convicted in a case related to funding the Brotherhood.

In details, the Egyptian security services are scheduled to release Ramy Shaath soon in preparation for his deportation outside the country, according to the office of Mohamed El-Sadat, a lawyer and member of the Human Rights Council.

Helping a terrorist group

Ramy Shaath’s family had demanded the Egyptian authorities to release him after he was arrested in connection with the case of a cell linked to the Brotherhood.

Rami’s French wife, Celine Lebrun, issued a statement calling on Egypt to release her husband, stressing that Ramy, 50, who holds both Egyptian and Palestinian nationalities, was arrested at one o’clock in the morning on Friday, July 5, 2019 from his home in Cairo, where he was arrested. He is charged in the case known as the “Hope Affair” and aiding a terrorist group.

It is noteworthy that a security source had previously revealed that the “Hope Cell”, which was seized by the Egyptian authorities and referred for investigation before the judicial authorities, bears No. 930 of 2019, and the number of accused in it is about 35 people.

He stated that the Public Prosecution decided to imprison a number of defendants in the case after accusing them of participating with a group established in contravention of the provisions of the law, the purpose of which is to call for the suspension of the provisions of the constitution and the law, preventing state institutions and public authorities from carrying out their work, and publishing false news, information and statements about the political situation. and economy in the country, with the intent of disturbing public peace and undermining confidence in state institutions.

financing activities

And in July of the year 2019, the Egyptian Ministry of Interior announced the seizure of 19 companies and economic entities run by Brotherhood leaders residing in Turkey, and financing the group’s activities in Egypt, especially the violent operations, in which a number of activists representing civil political forces participate under the name “Plan of Hope.”

It also revealed that the plan is based on unifying the ranks of the group and providing financial support from the revenues and profits of some economic entities managed by the group’s leaders to target the state and its institutions.

Nabil Shaath

She stated that the National Security information revealed that the scheme that the cell and its members worked on was based on creating pathways for cash flows coming from abroad through illegal means, in cooperation between the “Brotherhood” group, to work to finance the anti-movements in the country, and to carry out acts of violence and riots against state institutions in conjunction with calls for Inciting media through social media and satellite channels broadcast from abroad.

She explained that the most prominent fugitives outside the country and based on the implementation of the scheme were identified, they are Brotherhood leader Mahmoud Hussein, Secretary General of the Brotherhood, Ali Batikh, a leader in the group, media professionals Moataz Matar and Mohamed Nasser, who are sentenced to court rulings, and the fugitive Ayman Nour.

security strike

The Egyptian Interior stated that this information was dealt with and a security strike was directed, in coordination with the State Security Prosecution, to a number of economic entities and those in charge of them and Brotherhood cadres and those associated with the movement, as its results resulted in the identification and targeting of 19 companies and economic entities run by some Brotherhood leaders. financial instruments, and some electronic devices and media.

She said that those involved in the move and those in charge of managing those entities present in the country are Mustafa Abdel-Moez Abdel-Sattar Ahmed, Osama Abdel-Al Mohamed Al-Aqbawi, Omar Mohamed Sharif Ahmed Al-Shenaiti, Hussam Mouns Mohamed Saad, Ziad Abdel Hamid Al-Alimi, Hisham Fouad Mohamed Abdel-Halim, and Hassan Mohamed Hassan Barbari, where many organizational papers and sums of money that were intended to finance the terms of the scheme were found in the possession of the arrested persons.


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