PM E-Vidya Portal: PM E Vidya Yojana Portal Student Registration, Swayamprabha DTH Channel

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PM E-Vidya Yojana Portal 2022 – Digital Learning Education Program is now started by Central Govt on the official website Today we are going to give you a very good information through this article, its name is “PM E Vidya Yojana Portal”. The infection of COVID-19 in the country is spreading its legs fiercely day by day. Whereas a lockdown has also been imposed in the entire country to prevent corona virus. But despite that, the infection of Kovid-19 is spreading very fast among the people. The number of infected people seems to be increasing day by day during this continuous 67-day lockdown period. To prevent infection, the period of continuous lockdown is being extended.

Due to which now the fourth lockdown has also been announced by the Prime Minister. In the meantime, the Government of India has started for the education of the students (e-learning). PM E Vidya Portal Student Registration is introduced. In which online e-education will be given to all the students for free.

PM E-Vidya Yojana Portal 2022 Registration

Along with the economy of India, the life of the future generation of the country i.e. the students who are the builders of India’s future has also been greatly affected. Because he is getting away from his education. Keeping in mind the future of the future generation, now by the Government of India PM E-Vidya Portal The scheme has been launched. Now students can do their further studies by registering online in PM E Vidya Yojana portal. Also, under the PM e-Vidya portal course list, you can also select the related course or e-learning. For this, students have to first register online on the learning portal.

below we you PM E-Vidya Yojana Portal 2022 Students Registration , Digital Learning Education Program & Course List | Digital learning are providing complete details of education program and course list. Please continue reading further.

PM E Vidya Yojana Portal 2022 Student Registration

As we told you above that due to Corona virus, the fourth phase of lockdown in the country has started from May 18. Due to this lockdown in the country, all the schools/colleges/educational institutions are closed and the future of the children is at stake. Because most of their studies are being lost in the lockdown. In view of this, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman has announced the launch of PM E Vidya Yojana portal. Students can register themselves in this portal and study online. PM E-Vidya Yojana Portal Course List, Apply Online, Digital Learning Education Program See the detailed information in the section below:

scheme name PM E Vidya Online Portal
launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi
declared By Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman
date of announcement 17 May 2022
Implementation date 30 May 2022
beneficiaries All students and girls
registration process online mode
Official website
Swayam Online Free Courses List Click Here

Salient Features of Pradhan Mantri E Vidya Yojana Portal

Key Features of PM E-Vidya Yojana Portal – Through this scheme, courses will be provided to all the students associated with schools, colleges, universities and other educational institutions. So that he stays connected with his studies and does not get away from education even during this lockdown.

  • Portal for spreading education => Under this scheme, school/college and university education will be provided a smooth path so that educational knowledge can be reached to all the children.
  • DTH channel => The central government knows that not all students can easily access the internet. But everyone must have a TV and cable connection. Keeping this in mind, children who do not have internet connection. The central government has made a plan to launch 12 DTH study channels.
  • one channel one class => Through this scheme, a DTH channel will be kept based on only one theme. So that it is easy for the children to understand and they can easily understand their topic smoothly through the channel.
  • Other education media => Community radio and other trained radio stations have also been included under this scheme. Podcasts will also be launched to better impart academic knowledge to the students.
  • Special content for students with disabilities => Special arrangements have also been made by the Central Government for the handicapped and blind students. With the help of experts, separate study material is being prepared for such handicapped students.
  • Availability of study material => It has been informed by the Finance Minister that the students who will register themselves in PM Vidya Yojana Portal. They will also get the benefit of downloading the study material through this portal.

PM E-Vidya Portal (Digital Learning Education Program)

  • ensure proper education => The Central Government, in association with the National Foundation for Literacy and Numeracy Mission, will also ensure that all children learning from small children to class 5 are associated with this scheme and familiar with this scheme. This project of the central government will start from the end of 2022 and will be completed by the end of 2025.
  • Psychological planning => Concerning the future of the students, they have decided to provide psychological and social support along with this program. During this psychological scheme the government will ensure that how mentally active the student teachers and family members are.
  • Provision for all students => Pradhan Mantri Vidya Yojana Portal (PM E-Vidya Yojana Portal) has been created for school students as well as college and university students.
  • Diksha Mantra => Students who will register their registration through this portal. Both the central and state governments will work together to continue their online classes. Digital Infrastructure for Knowledge Sharing Platform has also been created according to the curriculum of children. It is a platform that operates One Nation One Digital.
  • no fee => While aiming to help the students, the central government has not mentioned any fee under this web portal. No fee will have to be paid during student registration in this web portal released by the government.

Please note – 100 universities of repute have already been given permission by the central government to broadcast online education and have requested to continue the studies under the scheme also.

Tech System for Virtual Education (PM e-VIDYA Portal)

Tech System for Virtual Education (PM E-Vidya Portal):

  1. Swayamprabha DTH channel => As mentioned under this scheme, education will be provided to the children through DTH television channels. According to this strategy, three different Swayamprabha DTH Channels have been launched. Gradually other 12 channels will also be added to the television education process. Whose main target will be a particular channel dedicated to only one particular topic.
  2. Skype Session => Just as virtual video communication platforms were previously used for communication, these platforms are now used to broadcast educational and interactive sessions.
  3. Educational material on TV => Airtel and Tata Sky are two such DTHs in the market, which will act as a DTH connection for the transmission of educational content. After getting DTH connection through TV continuously for about 4 hours, children will be able to study online easily.
  4. Official Diksha Forum => The organization e-learning resources will have to ‘login’ by visiting the site issued by the government. So that he can contribute his contribution to this scheme.
  5. E Pathshala program => Under the E-Pathshala Program, a plan has been made to upload more than 200 books in this portal.

Online Registration Process on PM e-Vidya Learning Portal

PM E-Vidya Learning Portal 2022 Online Registration Process – Right now the PM e-Vidya Yojana portal has been announced by the Government of India. Students who want to join and study online under this e-learning portal will have to register themselves online by visiting the official website. After which, students can view the course list under Digital Learning Education Program by login to the portal. This course will be available online for the students and the list of which students can see in the PM e-Vidya portal. Soon this website will be launched and started by the government. So that the future of the country can be further strengthened by providing online education project.

As soon as this government PM E-Vidya Portal (Digital Learning Education Program) Will share more information. We will update it in this portal. For this keep visiting our website. Thank you-

PM E-Vidya Portal FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. PM Vidya Yojana has been started by whom?
    This scheme is being launched by the Finance Minister under the leadership of the Central Government.
  2. Apart from the Internet, what other means of communication will be used by the government?
    In this scheme, apart from the Internet, DTH channels, telecommunications and radio channels will be used by the government to provide education to the students.
  3. Who will prepare the curriculum to be taught to the children?
    The help of trained teachers and educationists will be taken to prepare the curriculum to be taught to the children.
  4. What is the official website of PM Vidya Portal?
    If a student wants to register himself in the virtual classes then he has to visit But keep in mind that the registration process has not started yet.
  5. Will PM E-Vidya Learning App help students?
    Diksha Mobile Application (App) will be launched soon by the Central Government. This application will be designed according to the need of the students. So they will not need to sit in front of laptop or phone during such classes. They will be able to login through the mobile app. So that they can get education easily.


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