Residents of the area agreed to celebrate weddings and other celebrations with simplicity

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A movement against outdated traditions started in Darshkhela area of ​​Swat.

The residents of the area agreed to celebrate the wedding and other ceremonies with simplicity.

In a village of 27,000 people, guests will be treated to a marriage ceremony with only dates and syrup.

According to the decision, marriages, weddings and other ceremonies will be celebrated with simplicity while buying expensive bridal attire will be banned.

Elders of the area say that on the occasion of our marriage, our marriages and grief, it takes so much money that we take loans for it, sell the farm, because it requires more capital, only one and a half lakh to five on marriage. Millions of rupees are spent.

The movement, which started in a small village, is spreading to other parts of Swat.

Dr Anwar Khan and Khadimullah, the leaders of the movement, say that according to the collective decision, it will be prohibited to buy expensive dresses and other items for the bride at the time of marriage, while the marriage ceremony will be held in the mosque.

“It was difficult for us to start this movement, will anyone accept it or not?” But now 90 to 95 percent of people follow it.

Grief, marriage and nikah etc. adopt it with simplicity, we pray that this program will reach the corners of Pakistan and people’s lives will be easier.

Elders of the area say that Islam and local traditions discourage extravagance in weddings and other ceremonies. Making the ceremonies easier and simpler will also make life easier for the common man.


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