Best Ways Of 2022 How To Light Flashlight When Call Comes

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are you also in your mobile How to turn on Flashlight when a call comes Want to know, if yes then you have come to the right place, in today’s post we are going to know how to turn on flashlight when you get a call or message in your mobile.

Nowadays, many features have started coming in the smartphone, due to which it is becoming very popular among the people. Flashlight is also one such feature.

Although flashlight is specially used in mobile to light up in the dark, but when a call comes in our mobile, the option of lighting the flashlight is also available.

So that whenever someone calls on your mobile, the flashlight will light up intermittently, if your mobile is on silent or vibration mode or if you keep it somewhere in the dark, then this feature is very useful in finding the mobile.

If you also want to use this amazing feature found in your mobile, then you need to read this post completely, so let’s know how to turn on flashlight when a call comes in mobile.

How to turn on Flashlight when a call comes

Friends, here we are going to tell you two ways to light a flashlight in mobile when you get a call, in which in the first way we are going to enable this option from the default setting of the mobile, and in the second way how to light a flashlight using the app. I’m gonna

1. How to turn on Flashlight when the phone is on

I have Redmi mobile in which this setting is found by default in this mobile. Whatever mobile you have, once you must check this option in it, if this option is not available in your mobile, then by installing the app mentioned in another way, you can light a flashlight when a call comes.

Step-1. First of all go to the setting of your mobile and in the search bar shown at the top Call Setting Search by writing.

Step-2. After going to call settings Incoming Call Setting Click on the option. If you want, you can also search for incoming call settings instead of call settings above.

Step-3. now here you Flash When Ringing Enable the option.

By doing this, this option will be enabled in your mobile, now if someone calls on your number, then the flashlight of your mobile will start burning.

Friends, if you do not want to enable this option from the setting of your mobile, then open the dialpad of your mobile, here you will see 3 lines near both your sims, click on it and click on the option of Settings.

After doing this, here you will get the option of Incoming Call Setting, by going here you can enable the option of Flash When Ringing. Use whatever method suits you.

2. How to turn on Flashlight when a call comes from the App

If this setting is not found by default in your mobile then you can use Android app for this. Here we will first tell the complete process of lighting a flashlight when a call comes from an app, after that we will tell about some flashlight burning apps, you can do this setting using any app according to you.

Step-1. First from Playstore Flash Alerts 2 App Download it, this app has been downloaded by more than 50 million people from playstore, and has got a rating of 4.1 Star so that you can guess its popularity.

Step-2. After installing, open the app in your mobile, this app will show you some information, read them correctly and click on Next button and finally Complete Setup Click on the option.

Step-3. Now the interface of this app will be visible in front of you, here Flash Alerts 2 After that enable the option of Incoming Call Enable the option of .

Step-4. On enabling this option, this app will ask you to access Manage Phone Calls, allow it.

If you want to change the setting of Flashligt that means when to burn, like if you want to set the time for the flash to stop burning, then you can do it by clicking on the option of Flash Pattern shown below.

As soon as you do this, a flashlight will come on your mobile, if you want, you can check by calling on your number from any other mobile.

Apart from this, if you want to turn on the flashlight even when SMS arrives in your mobile, then use the apps mentioned below.

SMS and Call Apps that burn Flashlight on you

Friends, although we mentioned above, it is one of the best apps, but every app has a special thing, so if you want, you can also use the apps mentioned here to turn on the flashlight when there is a call in the mobile.

  1. Flash on Call by katamapps
  2. Flash Notification on Call
  3. Flash alert : Call Flash Light
  4. Call Flash 2020
  5. Flash on Call and SMS

If you want to enable Flashlight for notifications on each of your social media or even for Whatsapp calls, then you can use Flash alert : Call Flash Light App.

Friends, I hope you have understood correctly the process of lighting a flashlight when the call comes, if you still have it in your mobile. Flashlight on for incoming call If you face any problem, then do let us know by commenting so that we can help you. And

If you liked the post, then definitely share it with your friends on social media, so that they can also enable this option in their mobile.

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