what is pan card and how to make pan card in hindi

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Pan Card Full Details In Hindi : Hello friends we know that you What is PAN Card? Searching about it. So you have come to the right place, because today we are going to share with you all the information related to Pan Card.

You know how important Pan Card has become in today’s time. if we Bank If we want to withdraw Account, Online Wallet, Credit Card, then we need PAN card as well as we also need PAN card to pay Income Tax.

What is Pan Card and how to make Pan Card – in Hindi

In this article you What is Pan Card and why is Pan Card necessary?, I will tell about this in very simple language.

So you read this article carefully. So that after reading this article once, you Full information about Pan Card You will not need another article to know.

What is PAN Card – What is Pan Card in Hindi?

The full name of PAN Card is Permanent Account Number and it is a Personal Identification Card. It consists of a 10-digit alphanumeric code issued by the Income Tax Department.

PAN card is used for Transaction and Tax filling.

If you have a new Bank Account If you want to open or do banking transaction of more than 50 thousand rupees, then you will definitely need a PAN card.

Pan Card is linked to your bank account and sends all your information to the Income Tax Department and with the help of Pan Card, the government easily monitors your account.

i think you What is Pan Card? You must have come to know about it, now we tell you a little more information about it.

Now we tell you about Pan Card full form and what is the meaning of PAN card in Hindi.

Pan Card Full Form – Pan Card Full Form

Pan Card Full Form : Permanent Account Number

Meaning of PAN card in Hindi – Permanent account number

Why is PAN card necessary?

Its importance is very much in our life because without it there are many such things which we cannot do. As if,

It works for our identity. Due to our full name and our photo on it, it works like a valid ID proof for us.

use this Income Tax Happens to fill. If we do not have a Pan Card, then we cannot know what is the correct Tax Amount. Also, there is a unique ID number 11 on the Pan Card, which makes it easy for us to track the transaction. Due to this there is no evasion of tax.

It is very important for those who do jobs because if they ever want to do increased transaction then it is used. such as, if we EMI But if we are buying something, then we need it.

If you go to create an account in any bank in India, then you need it.

If you want to buy a flat or a car, then you need it. That is, if you want Debit Card or Credit Card, then you need Pan Card for that too.

What are the benefits of PAN card? – Pan Card Ke Fayde

It saves us from the problems that occur while filling Income Tax.
It is used from all government offices to buses and trains. In these places it acts as ID proof for us.
If you do a part time or temporary job anywhere, then at the end of the year you can claim TDS with its help.
If you have to do a transaction above Rs 50,000, then you feel its need.

Where is the PAN card made? – Pan Card Kahan Banata Hai

If you want to make a PAN card, then you can apply online for it. For this, you will have to fill all the forms online as well as you will have to give all the documents to the Income Tax Office, only then the process of applying online will be completed.

To make a PAN card, you can easily get it made by visiting your nearest Common Service Center.

In how many days does the PAN card come?

It takes maximum 45 days for you to get the PAN card. Sometimes PAN card also comes soon.

Which is the PAN card website – Pan Card Banane Ki website

We have told you the website to apply online for Pan Card below. From where you can make online Pan Card.

There are 2 main websites to apply Pan Card online.

Documents required to make PAN card

If you want to remove PAN card for yourself or for any member of your household, then you should know about the documents required to get PAN card. If you do not have these documents then you cannot remove PAN card.

Identity Proof : To remove PAN card, you must have any one of the following documents with you. These documents show your identity card.

● Passport
● Voter ID card
Aadhar Card UIDAI
● Ration Card
● Driving License
● Photo Identity Card issued by State Government

Address Proof : For your address proof, you should have any one of the documents given below.

Aadhar Card
● Passport
● Voter ID card
● Driving license
● Post Office Passbook
● Property Registration certificate

Birth Certificate : You should have the documents given below because it gives all the information related to your birth.

Aadhar Card
● Elector’s Photo Identity Card
● Driving license
● Matriculation Certificate
● Birth certificate issued by the municipal authority

Photo Copy : It is very important for you to have 2 photos while applying for PAN card. Also, you must have a copy of the documents that we have told you above. If you do not have the documents given above, then first take them out, only then go to apply for PAN card.

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How to make PAN Card – Pan Card Kaise Banaye

We can make PAN card both offline and online. Also, it is very important to have Aadhar card with you while making PAN card. Because with the help of Aadhar card, your PAN card is generated.

Follow the following steps to make PAN Card

Step 1 – To create a PAN card, first you have to visit the official website of Income Text Department. You have to go and apply for the form.

Step 2 – Now here you will get 2 options, one Get New PAN of and one Check Status / Download PAN Of.

How to make PAN Card – 1st Step

To create a new PAN card Get New PAN You have to click on it, as soon as you click it, a new form will open in front of you.

Step 3 – As we had told earlier that Aadhaar number is also necessary for making PAN card. Now in the form that is opened in front of you, first of all you have to fill your Aadhaar number, then there is a Captcha, you have to solve it, then finally at the bottom. I Confirm That Have to check the box.

Fill the online form for making pan card

Step 4 – After processing all this, click on the option of Generate Aadhar OTP. Then a new form will open in front of you.

Step 5 – After doing this from your base Register Mobile Number But an OTP will come. You have to put that OTP in the new form and click on Validate Aadhar OTP and Continue.

Step 6 – After doing all this process a new page will open. On its side, check the box in front of I Accept That and then click on Submit PAN Request.

In this way the request for your PAN card is submitted and you get an acknowledgment number. Now your PAN card is ready.

How to Download PAN Card – Pan Card Download Kaise Kare

  • After submitting the request for PAN card, a soft copy of PAN card is created, to download it, follow the process given below.
  • To download in the same way as you had clicked in the option of Get New PAN to create PAN Card. Check Status/ Download PAN To click on the option.
  • After that you have to solve the captcha by entering the aadhaar number. Then an OTP will come on your Registered Mobile Number. By validating that OTP, you can PAN Card Download can do.

How is a PAN Card – Pan Card Kaisa Hota Hai

  • Meaning of Income Tax Department above on the front side of PAN card “Income Tax Department” And Govt of India is written.
  • After that your photo will be in the left side. Just below the photo will be your full name along with your father’s full name and your birth date. There is a unique ID of 10 characters in the middle. Which is our Pan Number.

A separate PAN number is issued for each person.

  • Just below that is your Signature and there is a QR Code in the right side which if anyone scans then all your details will be known.

We have shown you the photo of PAN card below, so that you will know how your PAN card will look like.

How is a PAN Card – Pan Card Kaisa Hota Hai

Conclusion – What is PAN card and how to make it in Hindi

friends you What is PAN Card? How did you like this article, definitely tell us in the comment. Also, if there is anything related to this article, then definitely tell us in the comment box, we are always ready to help you.

If you think today Pan Card Online Apply In Hindi If done and will get it tomorrow then you are wrong.

As we have told you above that it will take at least 10-12 days to get the PAN card. So keep patience, if you have applied for Pan Card then it will definitely come.

If you like this article (PAN Card) What is Pan Card – How to Make Pan Card – Step by Step Complete Information in Hindi If you liked it then do share it with your friends.

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