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very few people who IFSC Code Kya Hota Hai And what is it used for, then I would like to tell them that, the full form of IFSC Code is “Indian Finance System Code” (Indian Financial System Code). Each branch of the bank has an 11 digit unique IFSC code which is used for electronic transactions.

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Simply put, just like a home address, IFSC code is the address of a bank branch, which is very useful in online transactions. In the earlier times, to send money to the bank account, one had to go to the bank and stand in a long line and wait for his number to come, in which a lot of time is wasted. But now the solution to this problem has been found in the form of IFSC code, so that you can easily do the transaction of money sitting at your home in a secure way.

If you want to receive money from your bank account or send money to someone through NEFT, RTGS, CMFS, and UPI, Net Banking etc. then you need a code about which In this article you will learn what is IFSC Code Kya Hai, IFSC Ka Full Form and IFSC Code Ka Matlab and how to find IFSC Code of any bank branch.

IFSC Code Kya Hota Hai

The full name or meaning of IFSC Code is “Indian Finance System Code”, which is known as “Indian Financial System Code” in Hindi. Each branch of the bank has an 11 digit unique code called IFSC Code. IFSC code is given by RBI (Reserve Bank Of India) to all banks. This 11 character code is used in electronic payment. In this code, the first 4 words are alphabetic which denotes the name of the bank, the fifth word is always 0 and the last 6 digits represent the branch code.

Money gets directly into your account from IFSC Code. IFSC Code is also used to facilitate NEFT, RTGS, IMPS. Apart from this, it can be used for many other types of work like internet banking, foreign money transaction, online payment, fast payment etc. All these transactions cannot be done without this code.

IFSC Code Full Form

IFSC Code of Full Form or means – “Indian Finance System Code“, whose full form in Hindi (IFSC Full Form in Hindi) – “Indian Financial System Code” It happens.

This is about IFSC Ka Matlab (IFSC Code Meaning In Hindi) or IFSC Code, let us now tell you how to find IFSC Code of any Bank Branch.

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Kisi Bhi Bank Ka IFSC Code Kaise Jane

Abbreviated as Indian Financial System Code, IFSC is an 11-digit alphanumeric code which is used to identify bank branches participating in various electronic monetary transactions like NEFT or RTGS.

Any person can get IFSC Code from his/her Bank Passbook or Check Book. Apart from this, if you want to know the IFSC code of any other bank, then you have been told some ways for this, by which you will be able to know that Bank Ka IFSC Code Kaise Pata Kare –

1. Check IFSC Code from Bank Passbook

This is the easiest way to know the IFSC code of your bank account. To get the IFSC Code, on the first page of the Bank Passbook, you are given the IFSC Code along with some essential information like Account Number, Address, Branch Code, User ID, Name of the Account Holder.

2. Check IFSC Code from Check Book

If you have a bank check book, then the IFSC code of the bank branch is also given on it. Each bank’s check book and IFSC code is different, but you will find it on top of any check book. As you can see in the image given below.

IFSC Code on Cheque Book

3. Check IFSC Code from the official website

The Indian Financial System Code of each bank can also be found on their official website. Which makes available the IFSC code of all bank branches on their website. However, for this, you have to select some information there like- bank name, state, district, branch etc.

IFSC On Website

4. Check IFSC Code from RBI website

You can also get the IFSC Code on the official website of RBI. It is mentioned along with the list of banks participating in RTGS / NEFT network.

5. Check the IFSC Code by calling the branch of the Bank

You can also ask for IFSC code by calling your bank branch on phone. You can get this number from the front page of the passbook.

If you have given a check to someone then it will be valid anywhere in India. Because that check book contains the IFSC Code of the bank, from which the bankers know which bank the check book belongs to and which branch it belongs to.

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Now if you open an account in the bank, then in this way you will be able to know what is the IFSC code of your bank branch and Bank Ka IFSC Code Kaise Pata Kare? This is a very easy facility to transfer money online sitting at home. With this little code, it becomes easy to exchange money.

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