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Reaching more than a million cases has become a new habit of the new Corona virus. After consecutive days since the end of 2020; The virus achieved 1.43 million new cases during the past 24 hours; An increase of 121% over the past 14 days. Thus, the cumulative number of its injuries around the world rose at dawn today (Tuesday) to more than 291 million, resulting in 5.46 million deaths. Sunday’s 1.43 million infections resulted in 6,079 deaths worldwide. America was the most miserable among the countries of the world; On Sunday, 401,252 new injuries were recorded, an increase of 201% over the injuries recorded 14 days ago. It was accompanied by 1,249 additional deaths. According to statistics, what Bloomberg called yesterday the “Omicron tsunami” swept all aspects of life in most parts of the world. And she indicated that Omicron achieved 10 million infections during the past seven days ending Sunday, which is double what the virus achieved within a week in April 2021, when it infected 5.7 million people. It should not be taken into account that hundreds of thousands of people use home testing devices and do not report their positive results to the authorities. The alarming rise in the number of new infections led to the cancellation of thousands of flights, the closure of corporate offices, and a significant impact on the supply chains of essential goods. Omicron hit every country from Australia to the United States, France, Britain, and Italy. However, the only reassuring fact is that the number of deaths caused by the virus is still on a downward trend, dropping to its lowest level in more than a year. But scientists say that the view of Covid in this regard depends during the year 2022 on whether the number of deaths will continue to increase, in parallel with the number of cases; Or on whether accurate statistics prove that the Omicron strain wave is less dangerous than feared.

However, the chief medical adviser to President Joe Biden’s administration, Dr. Anthony Fauci, cautioned the public against believing in the claim that Omicron is less harmful than other strains of the virus. He is among a growing number of scientists who see the number of hospitalizations as a better indicator of the severity of Omicron’s damage than the traditional calculation of the number of new infections. Fauci added, in an interview broadcast by “CNN” the night before last, “We have a virus that appears to be less pathologically harmful. At least from data collected from South Africa, Britain, and even here in the United States. So many have been injured, that the net number of those who need hospitalization will increase. Whatever the case, we will have a large number of inpatients.” The American expert explained that the number of cases of hypnosis and death is a better indicator of the extent of the damage caused by the outbreak, than the number of new cases, which has reached half a million new infections daily in the United States.

in Britain; Yesterday, the Ministry of Health announced that the number of new cases in the provinces of England and Wales reached 137,583 on Sunday, and 73 additional deaths. The number of inpatients with Covid in England and Wales currently stands at 13,151, up from 12,615 the day before. The number of new infections in England alone on Saturday was 162,572, which is a record number. And the newspaper “The Guardian” indicated yesterday that the number of new infections is usually low on Saturday and Sunday every week, due to the small number of tests that are conducted during those two days. She added that the number of new cases includes only the results of the tests, and not the second injuries of the recovered. But the British government says it will add the number of cases of the second infection, and asymptomatic infections, from the end of January; This means that the outcome of new infections will increase significantly. The newspaper quoted British scientist Professor Sir David Spiegelholter as saying that the real number of Britain’s infections with Covid-19 is no less than 500,000 new infections daily; If the second infection cases are added, the scans decrease. The “Zoo Covid” study, which is supervised by British scientists to follow up on the outbreak of the epidemic, stated that the number of new asymptomatic infections in Britain on New Year’s Eve 2022 amounted to 205,235 injuries, based on the results of the tests. The study estimated that 2.4 million Britons had contracted the virus with symptoms accompanied by infections. Official statistics from the Health Service in England indicate that the number of infections among young people is on the rise. It has also been on the rise since mid-December 2021 among people over the age of 60.

Where is the mortality index heading? There is no doubt that Covid-19 has caused more than 5 million deaths since the outbreak of the Corona virus at the end of 2019 in Wuhan, China. Although the number of epidemic deaths may not mean anything if compared to the number of residents of each affected country; However, that does not cancel out the fact that COVID-19 could wipe out millions of people around the world if the Omicron strain continues its insane acceleration. The United States leads the world with 847,408 deaths, while its population is 333.9 million. The number of deaths in Brazil – the second in the world in terms of the number of epidemiological deaths – reached 619,171 deaths, despite its population of 214 million, more than 100 million fewer than the population of America. India ranks third in terms of the number of deaths, with 481,893 deaths, out of about 1.4 billion people. In Russia, which is home to 146 million, the number of officially registered deaths reached 310,518 deaths. Mexico – the fifth in the world in terms of the number of epidemiological deaths – is about to record 300,000 deaths (299,544 deaths as of Monday), compared to its population of 130 million people. Next comes Peru, a poor Latin country with a population of only 33.6 million, sixth in the world in terms of the number of deaths with 202741 deaths. It is followed by Britain (68.4 million people) with 148,851 deaths as of yesterday (Monday). Indonesia follows with 144,097 deaths.


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