The killer killed five football players in December

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The footballing king of the world killed four players and a coach during a game in December 2021.

The most popular sport in the world of sports in 2021 also made headlines for the deaths of people associated with this sport.

The match between Denmark and Finland, on the second day of the Euro Football Championship on June 12, 2021, was moving towards the last minute.

Suddenly, Danish midfielder Christine Erickson fell to the ground, holding her chest tightly to the left.

Medical personnel, seeing the situation, rushed him to a nearby hospital. Fortunately, his life was spared but his team lost the match by one wicket.

There are large sports stadiums around the world with facilities for different types of sports.

In addition to the players, the stadium management has the primary responsibility to provide possible facilities for the spectators as well. But there are no medical facilities for the players or the spectators.

The life of the Danish defender was saved, but not in every case. Due to the hard work of the football players on the field, the best medical facilities on the field have become indispensable.

After the deaths of five people in the month of December alone last year, now there is a commotion in the FIFA House.

The 30-year-old Algerian footballer Sufin Locker died of a heart attack during a second division match in Algeria.

Egyptian club coach Edham El Salhider also met Khaliq Haqiqi while celebrating the team’s victory in a match.

Tawfiq Ramzi, a 20-year-old from Indonesia, also fell to the ground after a violent collision with an opponent in the match.

He was taken to hospital but suffered serious brain injuries that did not allow him to regain consciousness.

Mohammed Khalid al-Raqadi, 29, of Muscat FC, a football club in Oman, was dropped by a coach during a match.

Mohammad Khalid Al-Raqadi was warming himself up outside the ground on the orders of the coach when a severe heart attack prevented him from going to the field.

Marin Cask, a 23-year-old Croatian, also fell during training and collided with a teammate and could not get up again.

FIFA has also taken note of the killings in December and has issued a letter to all member states.

FIFA has written in the letter that all member countries should ensure the presence of cardiologists in the high level football matches in their country.

FIFA has called on member states to provide the best possible medical care for players and staff during the match, citing deaths on the playing field in December.

The St George’s University of London in the UK also warned that the incidence of heart attack in players during matches is much higher than other causes.

According to a British report, 108 England footballers and coaches suffered from heart disease between February and November last year.

According to the report, in some cases, the players are very lucky that they are saved by getting proper medical treatment in time.

Recently with Barcelona and Manchester United striker Sergio Aguero, he was also given medical attention for a very irregular heartbeat during the match.

Sergio Aguero has now withdrawn from the football field.

Sports Medical experts say that players can die during matches and training sessions.

According to experts, the diseases of these athletes can be detected in advance in sports, the disease of the athletes can be detected by random heartbeats and heart attacks.

The way football looks at heart disease is different from other sports and it is different in every country.

Federations in some countries ask athletes for a certificate of medical excellence, but certain types of tests are still not performed today.

What kind of medical examination should a footballer undergo before entering the field is also a question.

For some, a full medical examination is acceptable, some electrocardiograms, exercise stress tests and some echocardiogram tests are considered authentic.

For some, computer tomography and an MRI are the best.

FIFA will have to make a decision very soon to protect the players, now is the time for FIFA to amend its law for the lives of the players.

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